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Animated Map Dots the 4,000 Exoplanets Discovered since 1992

So, just where are all those exo planets they've found so far?

These Next Generation X-ray Mirrors Could Be Used by NASA to...

Xpray mirrors could capture the universe

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is Zapping Back More Data Than Expected

The solar probe is approaching its third encounter with the Sun. Source: NASA's Parker Solar Probe is Zapping Back More Data Than Expected

Emission Nebula Is 100 Light-Years Wide and Shaped Like a Seagull

The stunning Seagull Nebula is so named because its shape suggests a bird with wings spreading out across space. The nebula is massive, spanning...

Marvel, Scholastic Team to Produce Middle Grade Superhero Novels

Marvel and Scholastic have recruited popular young reader authors Nic Stone and Preeti Chhibber to write middle grade novels based on Marvel’s iconic superhero...

Charles Babbage’s Inventions Revolutionized Computing and the World

Polymath, Inventor, Engineer, Charles Babbage was one of the greatest minds of the 17th century. He created functioning plans of the first mechanical computer,...

New Star Wars Prosthetic Arm Can Sense, Touch, Move With Your...

Scientists have developed a new prosthetic arm that can mimic the way a human hand feels objects. Source: New Star Wars Prosthetic Arm Can Sense,...

Some Amazon Users Received Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Testaments’ A Week Early...

Some lucky readers got a surprise treat-- the new Margaret Atwood novel, 'The Testaments', which they received in the mail ahead of its September...

13 New science fiction and fantasy books to check out this...

More new releases for September 2019

September 2019 Book Releases from The Nerd Daily

Beginning our increased coverage of new releases throughout the SF/F/H world

Say goodbye to temporary fillings: scientists successfully use a gel to...

A team of researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine has developed a gel that makes enamel repair itself. Source: Say goodbye to temporary fillings:...

A Finnish Startup Is Making Food out of Carbon Dioxide

Solar Foods is using renewable energy and the carbon dioxide polluting our air to create an environmentally friendly alternative protein. Source: A Finnish Startup Is...

The 12 most anticipated books of the fall, according to Goodreads 

A Handmaid’s Tale sequel and an anticipated debut: Here’s your fall reading, chosen by Goodreads. Source: The 12 most anticipated books of the fall, according...

Scientists Find Evidence of Ancient Supernova Activity in Antarctic Snow

We are made of starstuff, Carl Sagan once said, and new findings from Antarctica show that to be literally true in some cases. A...

“The Transhumanist wishlist” – what genes can be enhanced to give...

Professor George Church creates a gene "wishlist" that can lead to superhuman abilities. Source: "The Transhumanist wishlist" – what genes can be enhanced to give...

What’s Mars Solar Conjunction, and Why Does It Matter?

NASA spacecraft at Mars are going to be on their own for a few weeks when the Sun comes between Mars and Earth, interrupting...

Head of NASA: Nuclear Propulsion Could Be “Game-Changer”

We'll need a game changer if we're going to mine those asteroids

NASA and SpaceX Want to Refuel Spacecraft While in Orbit

They'd need 5 launches to provide the fuel for one trip to Mars

Asteroid Mining: From Fiction to Reality and the Future of Wealth

Get the skinny on what could be one of the most lucrative exploitations of space

LightSail 2 Spacecraft Successfully Demonstrates Flight by Light

Light sails have proven effective. Now lets build a real one.

Kepler helps count Earth-like planets around sun-like stars

Is it more or less likely that we'll find earth-like planets around sun-like stars? Kepler is helping us figure that out.

Jupiter May Have Absorbed a Smaller Planet

Science is truly amazing - figuring stuff out that happened billions of years ago.

Astronomers Might Have Seen Another Black Hole Devouring a Neutron Star

Are black holes predatory? Are neutron stars their prey?

Pulsating star changes brightness every 5 minutes

If it strobes any faster, we need to get out a blacklight and those 60s blacklight posters

Astronomers Just Drastically Narrowed the Search for Alien Life

Rocky planets orbiting close to red dwarf stars can't sustain atmospheres

‘Warped’ Shape of the Milky Way Revealed in New Detailed 3D...

This is really cool. During my lifetime we've progressed from not knowing what kind of galaxy we live in, to this!

Scientists Are Reportedly Growing Human-Monkey Embryos in China

NOW we know why Kahn Noonia Singh always hated being referred to as an 'ape'.

Hubble Captures a Beautiful Cosmic Jellyfish Made of Glowing Gas

I keep asking, but still, no giant space amoebas

Solar System Science Day – Astronomer: We Can Use Earth’s Atmosphere...

Wow - neat idea. The atmosphere of our planet naturally refracts light. If Earth's atmosphere can be used, why not Jupiter's?

See Hayabusa2 Touch down on Asteroid Ryugu and Collect a Sample

Watch a video of a touchdown on an asteroid