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Dark Matter Galaxy Crashed Into the Milky Way, Causing Ripples in...

A dwarf galaxy penetrated the Milky Way hundreds of millions of years ago....

Uranus’s Rings Exhibit A Warm Glow – Neatorama

No, of course this has nothing to do with the previous post....

Scientists Break Record for High-Temperature Superconductivity

Still cold, but warming towards progress

Is the World Really Overpopulated?

Yes. Regardless of the exposition, yes.

Pluto’s moon Charon features a massive, deep chasm

Rock climbers have a glorious future ahead of the. Argo Chasma is over 400 miles long and more than five miles deep.

Cassini’s Grand Finale Revealed A Lot About Saturn’s Rings – Neatorama

And you thought it was exciting when they discovered twisted rings....

See Pics of Martian Clouds Snapped From the Planet’s Surface

Decades from now, Mars colonists will have nicknamed Curiosity "Old Man"....

300 stars show our solar system may be special – Futurity

Imaging (yes, direct viewing) of exoplanets reveals that our solar system is "not like the others"

What it Takes to Build a Martian Colony

Here's a primer for what it may take to establish a base on Mars

Fossils bust myth about mammals in dinosaur age – Futurity

Yeah Baby! Mammals been rocking the planet for a lot longer than we acknowledge

Crab Nebula Has Hit Earth with Highest-Energy Light Ever Recorded

Six thousand five hundred years ago, a high-energy photon was born in the Crab Nebula (remnant of a supernova observed by Chinese astronomers); today it reached Earth

The Carina Nebula: Home To Streams of Hot Gas, Cool Gas,...

Take a look at the most intense star-forming region of the cosmos

World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant Starts Work in Russia

Well, at least they've solved the emergency coolant issue

Want to Work in the Stars? Here Are Six Space-Related Jobs...

Not to be a downer, but "working in space, on the Moon, maybe Mars" was something I heard when I was growing up. Who knows, maybe it will really happen this time.

Scientists Have Discovered the Most Earth-Like Exoplanet

Teegarden b may be the "tea garden" of exoplanets

NASA’s New Atomic Clock Will Make Deep Space Travel Safer

Precise timing and positioning is critical to deep space missions.

Did a lab-made black hole just prove Hawking radiation? – Big...

Physicists are using "sonic" black holes to test Hawking's theory. These holes trap sound waves. I'm guessing they never read Clarke's Silence Please

What is the cosmic web? – Big Think

Some have previously said that sentience is a way for the universe to know itself. Maybe that's why the cosmic web resembles a network of neurons

Britain’s Prehistoric Manmade Islands Are Older Than Stonehenge

Maybe this is how Atlantis was created

Harvard Scientists: Radiation From Black Holes May Create Life

Was Sagan wrong? Instead of "star stuff", we're "black hole stuff"?

Death of a Planet: Astronomers Discover Grisly Planetary Destruction | Digital...

I wonder if there's a half-melted obelisk marking the location to an underground vault where the remnants of an alien civilization can be found, there

Massive Space Rock Collision Creates Unusual Exoplanet

Exoplanet discoveries suggest that there's more than one way for planets to form

Where did the universe’s antimatter go? – Futurity

...or maybe we're all anti-matter and its matter that is missing (that's silly, I know)

New OECD Artificial Intelligence Principles: Governments Agree on International Standards for...

Wonderful. Guidelines for ethical AIs that tell people and companies what to do and not do. But note that none of these rules tell an AI what it can and can't do.

Three Rare Exocomets Spotted In Orbit Around a Nearby Star |...

Exoplanets, Exosuns, exocomets, gettin a little tired of this "exo" thing....

Found in New Mexico: A tiny cousin of the T-Rex –...

Awww, what a cute little....yowch!

Scientists: We Need to Protect the Solar System from Space Mining

Well, that sure is a different take on the subject

Wild Idea: Use Railguns to Extract Resources From the Moon

Yes, and we'll name it "Little David" and we can use it to throw rocks at Earth during the Lunar Revolution!
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