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NASA Officially Activates Its “GPS for Deep Space”

The Deep Space Net goes live; no more "Lost in Space"

Ultrasonic Welding: A Promising Technology to Weld both Plastics and Metals

Ultrasonic welding has been used previously - to make rubber rafts. Works well with vinyl too

SpaceX Working With NASA to Find Mars Landing Sites for Starship

NASA & SpaceX are demonstrating how the government and private sectors can work together for spacey goals

This Video Was Made from 400,000 Photos of Comet 67p Taken...

https://vimeo.com/347565673 Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Source: This Video Was Made from 400,000 Photos of Comet 67p Taken by Rosetta

‘Ultra-Massive’ Black Hole Found with Mass of 40 Billion Suns

How big can these things get?

‘Qutrit’ Experiments Show Progress in Quantum Teleportation

The quantum realm is spooky

Inspired by Nature but as Tough as Iron: Metal Foams

Metal Foams, better than Heavy Metal

6 of the Best Epic YA Fantasy Novels to Get Lost...

YA is hot, and so is fantasy! These YA fantasy novels are standouts

The World’s Deepest Caves and The Race to the Bottom of...

If they find messages from Arne Saknussemm, we'll need Superman to help us with the Mole Men

Ancient Meteor Strike Deluged Mars With Planet-Scale Tsunami

With gravity lower than Earth's, waves could have circled the planet multiple times

Astronomers Say They’ll Soon Release First Video of a Black Hole

First the stills, then the movie

NASA Teams With European Counterparts to Stop Asteroids Hitting Earth

Finally! Maybe now we can actually figure out how to save the planet from one existential threat

Many vegetative patients are actually ‘covertly conscious’ – Big Think

It may be possible ti imagine a worse hell....
Short and Sweet – our Fifth Issue

Les articles populaires d’août 2019

Steve Davidson nous présente le cinquième numéro de la revue https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/short-and-sweet-our-fifth-issue/ https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/today-i-got-nothing/ R Graeme Cameron présente une anthologie assez particulière https://amazingstories.com/2019/07/clubhouse-review-broken-sun-broken-moon-a-surreal-anthology-by-brent-hayward/ Steve Fahnetalk rend hommage à Leigh Brackett https://amazingstories.com/2019/08/leigh-brackett-queen-of-pulp-takes-on-mars/ R Graeme...

How Will The Universe End

Does it matter if you won't be around?

Quiz: Which Book About Artificial Intelligence Should You Read?

Be careful how you answer - some AI is probably using this quiz to learn all about you!

Plant-Based Shrimp is Coming to a Stir-Fry Near You

How long before they get around to salmon? And will grizzly bears eat it?

Japanese Probe Prepares to Return Sample of Asteroid to Earth

Hayabusa 2 appears to be working flawlessly and will be returning an asteroid sample to Earth

Scientists Baffled by Giant Bubbles Sandwiching Our Galaxy

Giant Space Bubbles are Sandwiching Our Galaxy, and astronomers can't figure out what kind of bread is being used!

China Claims Its Moon Rover Found a Colorful “Gel-Like” Substance

Maybe that "gel-like" substance is what caused the Indian lander to malfunction....

Astronomers Suggest Microbes Could Be Floating in Venus’ Atmosphere6

Sadly, we had to give up on Venus as a swampy, prehistoric abode of life in favor of a caustic hell hole. This may be changing once again.

Japan Pledges $900 Million to Cyborg, Human Hibernation Research

Cold Sleep! Sleeper Ships! (Whatever you do, do NOT offer this service to "Honest John" Barlow!)

Physicist advances a radical theory of gravity

Physicist Verlinde's theory would eliminate dark matter

Astronomers Detect Eight New Potential Alien Signals

FRBs. Natural phenom, navigational beacons or attempts at contact?

Meet Astro: The Next-Gen Spacesuit Designed For The Moon And Beyond

Pretty cool design, but when are we going to get around to making spacesuits non-monochromatic?

Scientists Found a Way to Create Millions of Virtual Universes

Why worry about this universe when you can create your own?

Supernova Unlike Any Seen Before Illuminates Deaths of Earliest Stars

Take a look at the largest super nova ever seen!