Now Let Me Ask You This…

Keith West’s massive market study has revealed that 100% of respondents say that “price” is their over-riding consideration when purchasing books. So when it comes to price – how do you allocate your resources? One ‘expensive’ book or multiple ‘less expensive’ ones?

I’m Curious, so Tell Me Something

Keith West has noticed a shift in his reading habits – away from traditional imprints and towards small indie presses. Have your reading habits changed?

Book Review: Tell My Sorrows to the Stones

It’s week five of Six Weeks of Scares. This time out, our subject is a single author collection, namely Tell My Sorrows to the Stones by Christopher Golden. Golden’s work has been highly acclaimed and in horror circles he’s well respected. This book contains a dozen reasons why that’s the case. Golden’s work is of the quiet school of horror, much like that of the late Charles L. Grant. The selections presented here have a wide range of tone and subject matter.

Book Review: “The Halloween Phantoms”

Last year Cemetery Dance published a series of short story ebooks with the theme of Halloween. I bought all of them, but I wasn’t able to read them all. I could have, but I decided to save a few for this year. So for the fourth week of Six Weeks of Scares, I’m looking at The Halloween Phantoms.

Book Review: Sever, Slice, and Stab by Ty Johnston

Sever, Slice, and Stab Ty Johnston trade paper $9.99 ebook $2.99 Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Smashwords The selection for this, the third week of Six Weeks of Scares, is a collection of horror tales by Ty Johnston. Originally published as three separate e-books under the titles Sever, Slice, and Stab, this volume brings all […]

Book Review: “Bad Sanctuary”

The weird western is alive and well. Or should that be undead and well? No matter, this subgenre seems to be enjoying a surge in popularity. After reading “Bad Sanctuary”, it’s easy to see why.

Review: “The Walker Place”

This is a creepy Halloween tale that isn’t for the faint of heart. If you are uncomfortable with stories in which children are threatened (or worse) with bodily harm, then you might want to give this one a pass

LoneStarCon 3

Worldcon Hiatus

Just a brief note that I won’t be posting a review this week as I will be at Worldcon.  I’d hoped to have finished Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s New anthology Beyond the Sun, but the day job has kept me extra busy.  (I’m in academia, and it was the first week of classes.)  I’ll review it […]

A Review of Thunder on the Battlefield Sorcery

This one falls into the school of warriors inherently bad, women inherently good type of story, which I don’t care for any more than I care for the men inherently superior, women inherently inferior story.

A Review of Mad Shadows

Mad Shadows: The Weird Tales of Dorgo the Dowser Joe Bonadonna iUniverse trade paper $19.95 ebook $4.99 Kindle Nook When I first came across this book, the title made me think it might be something along the lines of Manly Wade Wellman’s John the Balladeer stories, more commonly known as the Silver John stories. It […]

Three Dangerous Ladies

With a Silken Fist Tom Doolan Ebook only $2.99 Kindle Smashwords Tom Doolan is a short story writer. He’s also a husband, father, full time graduate student, part time employee, and gamer. This means he has several series in progress, and those who enjoy his work have to wait to get the next installment because […]

Zombies Out West

Those Poor, Poor Bastards (Dead West #1) Tim Marquitz, J. M. Martin, and Kenny Soward Nine Worlds Media Trade Paper, 212 pp., $6.99, Ebook $2.99 Kindle Nook Smashwords While I’m not exactly what you could call a zombie fan, I am a fan of good writing and good writers. When I first heard about Those […]

Rediscover the Fires of Nuala

Fires of Nuala Cat Kimbriel Book View Café epub and mobi, $4.99 One of the great things about the ebook revolution is that many authors are making their backlists available. As a result, a number of books have been rescued from obscurity, books that deserve to be kept in print and remembered. Case in point, […]

The Man From Mars Fails as Biography

The Man From Mars: Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey Fred Nadis Tarcher Penguin Hardcover $28.95 ebook Kindle $12.74 Nook $14.99 Ray Palmer was a major figure in the science fiction field, and to my knowledge, there hasn’t been an objective biography of him before. Now there are two, this one and Richard Toronto’s War Over […]

You Might be Interested in This…

I have hardly had time haven’t quite finished the novel I was reading to review, so this is going to be a short post this week.  One of the things that’s great about blogging for Amazing Stories is all the fascinating topics people blog about.  One of these topics is the history of the field, […]

A Pair of Witchy Weird Tales

Witchery: A Duo of Weird Tales Keith Chapman Black Horse Books Kindle ebook $0.99 I’ve been on something of a pulp bent lately, especially Weird Tales type pulp. So I’m glad to mention there are a couple of stories that have just been released in ebook form that carry on that traditional, only with less […]