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Blacktasticon 2018: A Gathering of Afrofuturists

Celebrations of Afrofuturism are coming into their own; K. Ceres Wright attends Blacktasticon 2018

The Future Of Energy

Ceres examines several promising new energy technologies.

Create Your Own Archetypes

Stumped for your next story or character? Try an archetype, says Ceres, who offers up a few to help get your creative juices flowing.

Review: Greenshift by Heidi Ruby Miller

Miller uses her degrees in anthropology, geography, and foreign languages to create a rich universe that highlights unforgettable characters, defined class distinctions, innovative technology, and desirability of genetic robustness, to name a few traits. One of my favorite technological gadgets is the mind minstrel, a floating orb that emits music and light extrapolated from a person’s emotional state and spoken conversation. Ceres reviews the prequel to Ambasadora, Book 1.

Let Not the Good that SFWA Does Be Interred With its...

K. Ceres Wright reminds us that good stuff comes from SFWA.

When Virtual Meets Reality

Virtual Reality technology is providing an opportunity for individuals to experience what it is like to be the other...and William Gibson helped.

Deeper In: Interview with Jarvis Sheffield, Creator of the Black Science...

K. Ceres Wright follows up her original interview with Jarvis Sheffield of the Black Science Fiction Society to discuss what more needs to be done in the service of diversity in genre.

Genetic Breakthroughs—From Growing Livers and Brains to Editing Genes

There's a lot of promise for medical conditions with new gene therapies...but Dr. Moreau still lurks in the background of our thoughts.

Chi-Fi Gets It Right

K. Ceres Wright highlights the recent announcement by the Chi-Fi convention that they are rescheduling their convention because the venue might not be welcoming to fans.

Gaia Rockets Into Space to Map the Milky Way

Gaia will be able to estimate wobbles in the position of stars, which would signal the existence of planets in orbit around them. Gaia will also be able to view new asteroids and give more accurate data of their orbits.

The Future of Farming

The United Nations expects the world’s population to reach 9 billion by the year 2050. And, of course, feeding this population will be a daunting challenge. We all know about the advent of genetic manipulation of plants to yield hardier crops, but many stakeholders have both explored and invested in other farming alternatives, which range from farming underwater to farming in the desert. K. Ceres Wright takes a look at some of the options.

Interview: Jarvis Sheffield, Founder of the Black Science Fiction Society

K. Ceres Wright interviews one of the great influenctial forces behind black science fiction, Jarvis Sheffield, founder of the Black Science Fiction Society

Robots for Home Care

The health care industry is struggling to keep up with seniors’ needs, and one method that has had some success is through the use of home care robots, which was highlighted in the 2012 movie, Robot & Frank.

Sword and Soul

K. Ceres Wright takes us into the world of afro-centered blood and thunder!

Remembrances—Classic Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction classics are worth another read.

Cyborgs on “Almost Human”

What story are the writers really trying to tell?

Do You Game?

One way of “forcing” oneself to write is to join an online text-based role-playing game (RPG). In a text-based game, people assume a character within the framework of a particular universe and write stories with other characters in different settings according to various plots.

3D Printing: Helping Space Exploration

NASA has already contracted for a 3D printer (through the company, Made in Space) that can be launched into space.

Interview: Black Science Fiction Artist: Eric Wilkerson

My earliest memories are of waking up to watch the Jetsons, Voltron, and many other sci fi–based cartoons of the 80s.

Digital Imprints

Publishing. It’s been experiencing a revolution, and for a time, no one was quite sure where it was going…especially for traditional publishers.

DNA Tattoos = Dattoos

When I was coming up, the only people who got tattoos were bikers, prisoners, or gang members. Of course, times have changed. It seems everyone has a tattoo now. And even my 15-year-old daughter wants one (Me: “Uh, no.”) But…I almost have to say yes to a dattoo. What is a dattoo, you ask? Read on…

Getting the Most Out of a Convention

Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for your first writer’s/SF convention. Attending the event will offer you a chance to connect with likeminded individuals, which...

Two More Military Science Fiction Writers

I began a short series of military science fiction writers last week with Mike McPhail and Alan Smale. This week, I feature Bud Sparhawk...

Two Military SF Writers

Two different authors of military SF, each offering unique expressions of the form.

Afrocentric Science Fiction Conventions

Black Age of Comics Convention An artist, entrepreneur, author, art therapist, educator, and publisher, Turtel Onli founded the Black Arts Guild (BAG) in 1970, which was...

More Women in Science Fiction

Profiles of women science fiction authors - including the mother of it all, Mary Shelley.

Building Online Communities

Building an online community can expand your reach, build customer loyalty, and help members generate and share knowledge. But where do you start?

Genre vs. Literary: The SFF Experience

SFF fans are some of the friendliest and smartest people I know. I don’t know how literary writers and fans interact across various platforms.

Stuck for a Story Idea? Go Old School. As in Old...

If you really want a character to react in a way that would seem alien, then trap her in an impossible situation with only one way out.

Having a Sexual Harassment Policy is not Enough

The topic of sexual harassment, in general and specifically at science fiction (SF) conventions (cons), has been discussed online at length lately, due in...