Deep in the Heart of Texas, Redux

Long a popular feature in fanzines, con reports have provided detailed and not-so-detailed write-ups of fan gatherings that fall under the general label of “convention.”

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Part 1

Before I really get into the meat and potatoes of this entry, allow me to apologize for being absent a few months. Since some readers might know me – which on this website may not be very many people –  they know what’s been going on with my life so far this year. That means the […]

I Got Them Old Kon-Going Blues Again, Momma.

Forgive me, Janis Joplin, for destroying that wonderful album title of yours. But it is true: the urge to get up and go to a con is growing in me. Fortunately, I can do something about this, and so can many others who suffer from the same affliction. One of the recurring features in my […]

E-Zines vs. Dead Tree Zines: the more things change…

I have been producing fanzines off and on since 1976, shortly after encountering science fiction fandom and this particular aspect of that hobby interest. As anybody who has ever pubbed (that is fanspeak for “published”) an ish (“issue”), the life-blood of fanzines is the letter of comment (here’s another fanspeak term: loc, or LoC, depending […]