Anthology Review: Twin Cities Speculation

Have you ever been to Minnesota? Neither have I but if this anthology is any indication, it isn’t lacking in creative prowess. Twin Cities Speculation is a new collection of stories put out by a group called the Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers

Interview With Author Jason Sizemore!

Hi all. This week I had the opportunity to share a correspondence with author & editor (Apex Magazine) Jason Sizemore. He’s just released a new collection of short fiction which is truly remarkable (can read my review here). So naturally, I had questions. Gracefully, he had answers. Here they are: James Weber for Amazing Stories: […]

Witches Aint Sh@*t

The ever-evolving role of witches in literature and entertainment is examined.

Library ‘Space’: The Final Frontier

Libraries, like Star Trek, continue to boldly go where no one has gone before. James Weber examines the changing role of libraries as we move into the future.

Con Report: CAPCLAVE 2013!!!

While I’ve been reading SF for ages, I haven’t participated much in the fandom aspects of the genre. I’ve only been to one other convention and I only made it for a single afternoon. Needless to say, three days seemed like a marathon.