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Walking Dead Recap: S5, E3 Four Walls and a Roof...

Catching up on our own recaps, James and Steve review the previous two episodes of The Walking Dead, season 5


This week James & Steve discuss special effects, trust (or lack thereof) and the continuing absence of batteries in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Recap & Commentary

A look at each week's episodes by two opposing critics, presented in a conversational style

Anthology Review: Twin Cities Speculation

Have you ever been to Minnesota? Neither have I but if this anthology is any indication, it isn't lacking in creative prowess. Twin Cities Speculation is a new collection of stories put out by a group called the Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers

Attempting to Scholar Pt.1: Beginnings

If you want to take a serious look at writing, James starts from the beginning....

Interview With Author Jason Sizemore!

Hi all. This week I had the opportunity to share a correspondence with author & editor (Apex Magazine) Jason Sizemore. He's just released a...

5 Reasons Why Tor’s ‘Imprint’ Will Sky Rocket!

Tor's new imprint - Imprint - promises an interesting future

Balticon 2014: Getting Back My Groove

James discovers that attending a con can ease the fannish blues

Social Media In Fiction and The Rebirth of Cyberpunk

Alternate economies, cyberpunk and world-building the future.

Classic Rock Connection: Game of Thrones & The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead Game of Thrones connection. Just how many tie-dye shirts does George R.R. Martin own?

Welcome Back Commander!

A review of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

A Reaction to the Recent Sexism Debacle

James plants a flag for straight white males - but not the one you'd expect.

I Just Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Her’

James Weber can't stop thinking about HER. Who says the singularity can't be beautiful?

Home is where the Hearth(stone) is.

Like rubberneckers at a car wreck, we watch as James descends into game addiction....

10 Commandments of New Fantasy (Pt. 2)

New Fantasy has rules! And as any good writer knows, you must know the rules - before you break them!

The 10 Commandments of New Fantasy (Part 1)

M/o/s/e/s/ James descends from the mount to deliver the law. Do you think he'll find a golden calf?

In defense of Lemuria: Shaver Read Through Part 1

Once more into the depths of MU, Lemuria and the Shaver Mysteries!

Witches Aint Sh@*t

The ever-evolving role of witches in literature and entertainment is examined.

Slipstream? Or Slip Up?

A look at Slipstream and why it belongs in the bargain bin.

I Foretold You So: Predictions for 2014

James Weber steps out on a (shaky?) limb and offers these interesting predictions for the coming year.

Zeppelins, Tesla Coils, and an Argument for Escapism!

James Weber takes us down steampunk lane to investigate the "second artist effect" (with thanks to Charlie Stross)

Library ‘Space’: The Final Frontier

Libraries, like Star Trek, continue to boldly go where no one has gone before. James Weber examines the changing role of libraries as we move into the future.

Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?

A discussion of Philosophical Zombies. One really does not need to provide any additional teaser to that...

Atlantis Found! In the Chesapeake?

A speculation perhaps one step too far....

8 Reasons Ancient Egypt is an Awesome Place to Set your...

Looking for a place to set your story? Here are some things to recommend ancient Egypt

Taking A Look At Gibson’s Neuromancer

A review of William Gibson's Neuromancer.

Con Report: CAPCLAVE 2013!!!

While I’ve been reading SF for ages, I haven’t participated much in the fandom aspects of the genre. I’ve only been to one other convention and I only made it for a single afternoon. Needless to say, three days seemed like a marathon.