Science Fiction to Look for February 2021

Whether you’re still in lockdown, snowed in, or just taking some time for yourself, I’ve got good news. There’s more science fiction coming out this February than you can shake a lightsaber at

Science Fiction to Look for January 2021

A new year, a fresh start, and lots of great books to read. I’ve got high hopes for 2021. This month we’ve got two books with parallel world themes, Tim Pratt’s fanciful Doors of Sleep, in which a man wakes up in a new world every time he falls asleep. He’s a little bit Dr. […]


Sector General’s Spirit Endures: Machine by Elizabeth Bear

When the Core General ambulance ship, I Race To Seek the Living, arrives at the centuries-old STL colony ship Big Rock Candy Mountain, they find the crew of thousands in cryo, weird Tinkertoy bots everywhere, and a golden fembot named Hellen Alloy watching over them.


Science Fiction to Look for This July

Without a time machine, time progresses in one direction, at the same inevitable pace from which there is no escape. Which means, July is fast approaching. Fortunately, Earnest has your reads covered.

Science Fiction Books to Look for this February

February is a month on hold, when time is frozen, waiting for something to happen. It’s so bad that the greeting card industry had to create a holiday just to keep from having to shut down for the month. Fortunately, all that stasis makes it a perfect month for reading; thankfully, we’ve got some excellent […]

Science Fiction Books to Look For This Month – September 2019

September promises a rich harvest of end-of-summer reading for science fiction fans. You can start off your month with Evan Currie’s mil-sf-space opera, Archangel One and some paranormal tales with The Nobody People by Bob Proehl and Dave Hutchinson’s The Return of the Incredible Exploding Man, then go on to a fine piece of hard-sf with Becky Chambers new novella To Be Taught, […]