Science Fiction To Look For: December 2021

The weather outside may be frightful, but we’ve got some books for you to cozy up to as the nights get longer. Especially noteworthy is Cyber Mage, by Saad Z. Hossain who wrote the brilliant science fiction/fantasy mashup novella The Gurkha and The Lord of Tuesday. There’s also a race of mute aliens in Spidertouch, the finish of Kristyn Merbeth’s Nova Viata system trilogy, and the best of the robots in Allan Kaster’s latest anthology.

Leviathan Falls (The Expanse Book 9) – One Last Windmill

After almost 3 years of waiting, the much anticipated final Expanse novel is finally here, and the anticipation was totally justified. James S. A. Corey and the crew of the Rocinante bring it all together in a finale that makes all that’s come before worthwhile and gives us closure on the saga.

Cowboy Bebop Poster (Netflix)

Cowboy Bebop (Live Action) – Will Netflix’s Space Bounty Hunters Catch Their Audience?

If you were a Cowboy Bebop fan before Netflix dropped its live-action series (11/19/2021) you may have been disappointed at the result because it’s hard to separate the series you know from the sometimes identical sometimes strangely different live-action series. Our reviewer talks about cognitive dissonance and how our favorite space bounty hunters coped with being brought to life.

Science Fiction To Look For: September 2021

Septembers Science Fiction reads cover a universe of options. There’s great Space Opera from Charles Stross and Cat Rambo, something for fans of 1984 and Tinker Tailor in Operation Brushfire by Rhett C. Bruno and James Wolanyk, a wild trip to an alternate Earth with troops on their way to the Mexican American War in the 1800s, two tales of Mecha action for fans of Pacific Rim, something for Bot fans in Activation Degradation, and much more, including Jonathan Strahan’s second annual Year’s Best Science Fiction.

Science Fiction to Look For August 2021

Looking for some summer reading this August? We’ve got plenty of space opera, including a new series by Adrian Tchaikovsky and more Marko Kloos, some near-future techno that’s ripped from the headlines (ISS v Russian Module) some stories about…oh yeah, memory, a post-apoco road trip, and William Gibson’s never produced Alien 3 screenplay, novelized by none other than Pat Cadigan. And that’s not all…


Science Fiction to Look For July 2021

Happy July sci-fi readers! If you’re feeling the heat this July, there’s plenty of Cli-Fi out this month to assure you others feel your pain. Or you can chill out in the deep black with some fine space opera. There are even some tales where Androids declare their independence,.

Science Fiction to Look for February 2021

Whether you’re still in lockdown, snowed in, or just taking some time for yourself, I’ve got good news. There’s more science fiction coming out this February than you can shake a lightsaber at

Science Fiction to Look for January 2021

A new year, a fresh start, and lots of great books to read. I’ve got high hopes for 2021. This month we’ve got two books with parallel world themes, Tim Pratt’s fanciful Doors of Sleep, in which a man wakes up in a new world every time he falls asleep. He’s a little bit Dr. […]


Sector General’s Spirit Endures: Machine by Elizabeth Bear

When the Core General ambulance ship, I Race To Seek the Living, arrives at the centuries-old STL colony ship Big Rock Candy Mountain, they find the crew of thousands in cryo, weird Tinkertoy bots everywhere, and a golden fembot named Hellen Alloy watching over them.


Science Fiction to Look for This July

Without a time machine, time progresses in one direction, at the same inevitable pace from which there is no escape. Which means, July is fast approaching. Fortunately, Earnest has your reads covered.