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Music – “Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music, Vol. 1” Craig Leon

Today something different! I’d like to introduce you to a musician and some of his music: Craig Leon and “Nommos”. As you may or...

Speculative Poetry Round Up October 2014

Bringing you the first Science Fiction Poetry Association’s annual Halloween poetry reading.

Poetry Review – Undoing Winter by Shannon Connor Winward

A review of a fabulous little chapbook written by Shannon Connor Winward: "Undoing Winter"

Magazine Review – Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry

A review of a brand new online speculative fiction poetry magazine.

Interview with Elizabeth Barrette, Part 2

The conclusion of Diane Severson's interview with poet and author Elizabeth Barrette.

Interview – Elizabeth Barrette, Poet and Wordsmith

An interview with full-time wordsmith Elizabeth Barrette

Poetry Review – Wolf Skin by Mary McMyne

Fairy Tale reeducation via poetry

Genre Poetry Round Up August 2014

Our Diva delivers a short report on Worldcon and then dives right back into poetry

Poetry – Elgin Award Nominee Showcase

Today, something different. Spending a bit of time with the Elgin Award nominees.

Poetry – Embrace the Hideous Immaculate, C. Hensley

"Horror is a church. Its blood-stained glass both colors and reflects its readers' worldview. It sacrifices many readers on the altar of repugnance."

Poetry Round Up June 2014

A roundup of Sonya Taaffe's poetry in a variety of print and online outlets. Quite the tour!

Poetry Review: Scenes Along the Zombie Highway, Clark

Clark’s poems are first and foremost informative, then creepy, grisly and even a little bit tongue-in-cheek funny.

Poetry Review: Luminous Worlds, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

A review of Luminous Worlds, including mythology, zombies and Lovecraftian horror

Magazine Review – Mythic Delirium – A Transition

A review of the entire 30th issue of Mythic Delirium magazine.

Poetry Round-up April 2014

Trolling the internet for wonderful tidbits of and about poetry, this is what I came away with.

Poetry Review: Blue Sunset by Mary Jo Rabe

A review of the latest poetry collection - Blue Sunset - from Mary Jo Rabe.

Poetry Reviews: An Antho & chapbook by R. Jones

Diva Diane goes one better! Reviews of When Rockets Burn Through and Space Of Their Own. More poetry audio today than you can shake a stick at - so save your energy and listen instead.

Speculative Poetry Round-up 2/2014: (Mostly) British

Diane confesses: you're only getting this speculative poetry roundup because she didn't finish her review. But don't worry, it's mostly British....

Poetry Reviews: Cleveland Poets Stanley & Smith

Today’s post brings you two poetry reviews of chapbooks by Cleveland poets, one each by J. E. Stanley and dan smith. The Greater Cleveland...

2013 Recap – A Year of Science Fiction Poetry

Speculative poetry - 2013 year in review

Speculative Poetry Round-up January 2014

Diane goes walkabout on the web and discovers a surprisingly large amount of speculative fiction poetry, just waiting for you all to drop by.

Poetry Review – Offspring of the Moon, by John W. Sexton

Offspring of the Moon is a beautiful little volume of 57 Moon Wind mostly short length poems. The cover art by Ludmila Korol, called "Moon Wind" is stunningly perfect and beautiful on the paperback cover. I was drawn in by the vividness of the imagery and found a kinship with the weird.

Poetry Review: Transmissions to the Mystic Nebula

A collection of intensely intimate poetry which map a life

Speculative Poetry Round-up October/November 2013

A round-up of the speculative poetry I’ve found online in the past month or so.

Interview: Amal El-Mohtar

Amal El-Mohtar is the Nebula-nominated author of The Honey Month, a collection of spontaneous short stories and poems written to the taste of 28...

Review: Unexplained Fevers, by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Unexplained Fevers brings Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and others into the present day and/or the real world, making them get MRI’s, buy cars, and putting their images in glossy magazines.

Poetry Roundup – September 2013

A summary of excellent SF poetry that can be found online.

More Science Fiction Poetry Awards – The Rhysling Award

The Rhysling Award, the Science Fiction Poetry Association's award for poetry in two length categories

Awards! Awards! Science Fiction Poetry Awards!

After an extended summer break I've returned with lots of exciting news and a whole bunch of wonderful books, which I'll be reviewing for...

Review: Come Late to the Love of Birds

Come Late to the Love of Birds, by Sandra Kasturi Tightrope Books, 2012 ISBN 9781926639512   Sandra Kasturi is a poet, writer, and editor, as well as co-creator...