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To Show Or Not To Show? Horror and the ‘Power Of...

HOW much horror should you depict and how much should you leave to the imagination? It is a dilemma that has confronted anyone who has...

Spanning Generations: SF That Can Excite Everyone

Darren Slade posits that one of the best features of science fiction is it's potential to appeal and engage audiences, regardless of their age.

The Curse Of the Karnsteins: Hammer’s Other Vampire Franchise

Hammer Films had been the leading horror producer for 13 years, but by the dawn of the 70s, the studio sometimes gave the impression that it was flailing around like a vampire in a shaft of sunlight.


Do horror movies have to end hopelessly? And if they do - what's wrong with that?

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Star Wars?

Darren Slade explores the dangers inherent in an ever-expanding Star Wars universe and asks if George Lucas will ever get to make his art films?

Hot Enough For You? Science fiction, the Weather And Anarchy In...

In the UK, hot weather is so remarkable that we have even been known to make science fiction films about it.

“Will people be in costume?” How mainstream media sees SF fans.

Maybe it's time for fans to relax about how the mainstream media sees us. We do sort of rule the world.