Review: Lucy’s Blade

Lucy’ Blade John Lambshead Baen Books Kindle $6.83 Lucy’s Blade is a deeply frustrating book. There is a core of a very good story here; I enjoyed reading it immensely. On the other hand, there are flaws within the book that detract from my enjoyment and leave me wondering just what the editor was doing. […]

An Introduction to the Empire’s Corps

When I was a child, I read the Foundation series and it left a great impression on me. (It must have done; collapsing galactic empires is one of my favourite SF themes, both as a reader and a writer.) The sheer scale of the story impressed me, as did the concept of making a new […]

Review: The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers Daniel Graham Jr. Baen The Gatekeepers was a book I eyed for some time in Forbidden Planet before actually buying it, despite the extremely good cover. (Baen has a long history of excellent covers.) I thought the plot sounded fascinating and I have to admit that I enjoyed reading the book. At the […]

Review: The General’s President

The General’s President John Dalmas Baen The best way to look at Tom Clancy’s Executive Orders is to consider it a thought experiment into how the American Government can be reformed by a President who is not part of the political system to the point where he cannot cause real and long-lasting change. However, Clancy […]

Review: Allies and Aliens

Allies and Aliens Roger Macbride Allen Baen I find it hard to remember, looking back over twenty years, which book served as my first proper introduction to Baen Books.  One possible candidate was On Basilisk Station, by David Weber, while the other was Allies and Aliens.  On Basilisk Station is the first book in a […]