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Retro Review – The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn

A retro review that contends that Zahn's trilogy should have been the basis for the second Star Wars film trilogy

The War Of The Worlds Retro Review

The War of the Worlds; a retro-review of the greatest alien invasion story of all time

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Prelude to Foundation

The key to making Prelude to Foundation work is Seldon himself and, like many of Asimov’s other scientist-heroes, he works.

Some Thoughts On The SF Canons

Continuing thoughts on the SF Canon discussion, other voices heard from.

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Foundation And Earth

What’s wrong with psychohistory?

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Foundation’s Edge

The book’s greatest weakness, however, is that it ties the Foundation to the Robots universe. I don’t dislike the robots, but I think they’re a step too far for the universe.

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Second Foundation

Very little was known about the Second Foundation, ensuring its survival in a hostile universe.

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Foundation And Empire

Foundation and Empire presents the Foundation with a challenge from a past that cements it’s position, then knocks everything out of kilter - subverting the whole series.

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Foundation

Asimov was feeling his way into the Foundation universe - and it’s largely unique character - and it shows.

The Foundation Trilogy Reread: Introduction

A modern day empire builder looks back on one of his influences in this re-read of the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov

Retro Review: Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein

Chris Nuttal[ offers his latest retro review of one of Heinlein's more controversial, later novels.

Retro Review: Heinlein’s The Rolling Stones

A new look at an old Heinlein tale.

Heinlein in Reflection

Chris Nuttall summarizes his recent retro reviews and continues discussing one of fandom's perpetual subjects.

Retro Review: Farnham’s Freehold by Robert Heinlein

Chris Nuttall takes a look at one of Heinlein's most controversial novels.

Retro Review: Stranger in a Strange Land

Unlike Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land is an outdated novel.

Retro Review: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

There is something more than a little disturbing about how Luna treats woman...

Classic Battlestar Galactica – The Review

Battlestar Galactica's flaws are outshined by the sheer amount of work that went into the series and, in many ways, the performance of the cast.

Retro Review: Starship Troopers

Chris Nuttal takes another look at Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

Review: Netflix’s Death Note

Being a largely cerebral story, Death Note simply doesn't lend itself very well to the TV screen. I was therefore unenthused when Netflix announced that it would turn Death Note into a movie.

Guest Editorial: A Character Who Happens to be Black

One of the charges leveled at the Sad Puppies is that they are against ‘diverse’ characters in books (and comics, movies, TV shows, etc.) The people who level these charges are, essentially, accusing the Sad Puppies of racism, that the only reason they could possibly have for objecting to these characters is their race (or gender, or sexuality, or whatever.) It is a fairly obvious rhetorical trap. By asserting that racism is the only reason to object to these characters, they brand the Sad Puppies as racists.

Review: Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die -John Ringo Reviewing Live Free or Die is a complicated task. I like the book, I think it’s the best Ringo book...

An Introduction to Schooled in Magic

Different worlds, different science. Chris Nuttall introduces us to one of his favorite themes.

The Real World Is A Messy Place

The Empire's Core series (eight books in all) now has a new companion. Chris gives you the details.

Book Review: Black Magic Academy

Black Magic Academy isn't your classic school story with magic. Not really.

Review: Warp Speed by Travis S. Taylor

I broke with my standard rule of not buying hardbacks from a new author until I’d actually read the work. Do I regret that decision? It’s hard to say...

Review: 1945 by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen

Without Hitler, Nazi Germany doesn't declare war on the United States; instead, saner men take the helm and use more rational policies to bring the USSR to its knees

Review: The Draka Series

The world of the Draka is the dark reflection of our own world. The core idea behind the series is that refugees from British North America settle South Africa (captured in the war) instead of Canada.

Review: Himmler’s War

Himmler's War by Robert Conroy Writing alternate history (and period fiction) is a tricky task. There is always the temptation to bend details for the...

Review: Crisis of Empire

Crisis of Empire (David Drake, Thomas T. Thomas, W.C. Dietz, Roger MacBride Allen and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.) -An Honorable Defence -Cluster Command -The War Machine -Crown of Empire Somewhat irritatingly,...

Review: First Citizen by Thomas T. Thomas

Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Baen; First Edition edition (December 1, 1987) First Citizen by Thomas T. Thomas Julius Caesar is one of the few figures from Ancient History to...