Review: Netflix’s Death Note

Being a largely cerebral story, Death Note simply doesn’t lend itself very well to the TV screen. I was therefore unenthused when Netflix announced that it would turn Death Note into a movie.

Guest Editorial: A Character Who Happens to be Black

One of the charges leveled at the Sad Puppies is that they are against ‘diverse’ characters in books (and comics, movies, TV shows, etc.) The people who level these charges are, essentially, accusing the Sad Puppies of racism, that the only reason they could possibly have for objecting to these characters is their race (or gender, or sexuality, or whatever.) It is a fairly obvious rhetorical trap. By asserting that racism is the only reason to object to these characters, they brand the Sad Puppies as racists.

Review: Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die -John Ringo Reviewing Live Free or Die is a complicated task. I like the book, I think it’s the best Ringo book since Gust Front, but there are a handful of problems with it that gnaw at my mind the more I actually think about the story. In the very near […]

Review: The Draka Series

The world of the Draka is the dark reflection of our own world. The core idea behind the series is that refugees from British North America settle South Africa (captured in the war) instead of Canada.

Review: Himmler’s War

Himmler’s War by Robert Conroy Writing alternate history (and period fiction) is a tricky task. There is always the temptation to bend details for the sake of a good story – and then there will be some humourless reader who will then write long posts on why it couldn’t happen the way you suggested. I […]

Review: Crisis of Empire

Crisis of Empire (David Drake, Thomas T. Thomas, W.C. Dietz, Roger MacBride Allen and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.) -An Honorable Defence -Cluster Command -The War Machine -Crown of Empire Somewhat irritatingly, I was pointed to this series shortly after I first wrote The Empire’s Corps. It consists of four short novels set in the universe of […]

Review: First Citizen by Thomas T. Thomas

Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Baen; First Edition edition (December 1, 1987) First Citizen by Thomas T. Thomas Julius Caesar is one of the few figures from Ancient History to be recognisable almost everywhere, although most of what people know about him is wrong. At base, Caesar was a mass of contradictions, often caused by Republican Rome’s deeply […]