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Author: Chris Gerwel

Crossroads: The Challenge of Espionage in Speculative Fiction

Crossroads: The Challenge of Espionage in Speculative Fiction

If spy fiction uses SF/F techniques, then why does... Read More »

Crossroads: Society, World-building, and Estrangement in Spy Fiction

Crossroads: Society, World-building, and Estrangement in Spy Fiction

Growing up in a household where the legacy of Comm... Read More »

Top Secret

Crossroads: I Spy, with My Little Eye…Espionage in Speculative Fiction

Hello and welcome to August! I was away for much o... Read More »

Crossroads: Speculative Devices in Police Procedurals

Crossroads: Speculative Devices in Police Procedurals

Character, Context, and Procedure: The Cores of th... Read More »

Law and Order: SVU

Crossroads: The Difficulty of Police Procedural Speculative Fiction

Police procedurals are a complicated genre to expl... Read More »

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Crossroads: “Speculative” Literary Fiction and SF/F Techniques

Last week, we talked about how works of speculativ... Read More »

Peace by Gene Wolfe

Crossroads: “Literary” Speculative Fiction and Literary Sensibilities

As I mentioned last week, trying to draw general c... Read More »

Venn diagram of Literary Fiction/Speculative Fiction along Character/Plot Spectrum

Crossroads: The Cores of Literary Fiction and Speculative Fiction

The relationship between speculative fiction and m... Read More »

Magic Realism vs Fantasy - Venn Diagram

Crossroads: Negotiating the Unreal in Magic Realism and Fantasy

Perhaps the most important insight I’ve gain... Read More »

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Crossroads: Tensions between SF/F and Mainstream Literary Fiction

Welcome to the first week of May! This month, I... Read More »

Guards! Guards! by Sir Terry Pratchett

Crossroads: Satire and the Fantastic

NOTE: This week’s essay is actually an adapt... Read More »

Redshirts by John Scalzi

Crossroads: The Importance of Parody to the Speculative Fiction Genre

Last week, we talked about how every piece of humo... Read More »

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

CROSSROADS: Right Place, Time, and Tech – The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to t... Read More »

Make 'em Laugh from Singin' in the Rain

CROSSROADS: Make ’em Laugh – Humor and Speculative Fiction

Hello, folks! Now that I’m back on my feet, ... Read More »

CROSSROADS: Western Series Interrupted by Illness

Sorry, folks. I know some of you were looking forw... Read More »

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

Crossroads: World-building in Westerns and Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction gives my imagination space to ... Read More »


Crossroads: The Western Hero in Speculative Fiction

Someone once said that every story starts with som... Read More »

Ned Buntline, Bufalo Bill Cody, Giuseppina Morlacchi, Texas Jack Omohundro (1846-1880) (via Wikipedia)

Crossroads: Riding into Space – Westerns and Speculative Fiction

March is here, and that means it is time to move i... Read More »

The Princess Bride: Is this a Kissing Book?

Crossroads: Is this a Kissing Book? SFF’s Relationship with Romance

Whenever I think of speculative fiction’s re... Read More »

Paranormal Romance Readership

Crossroads: Science Fiction Romance – A Niche Before Its Time?

Last week, we talked about paranormal romance and ... Read More »

Crossroads: The Power in Paranormal Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day! In my first draft of ... Read More »

Crossroads: Romance – More Powerful than You Could Possibly Imagine

Today is February 7th, and with Valentine’s Day ar... Read More »

Crossroads: Tripping the Noir Fantastic

Last week, we talked about some of the tensions be... Read More »

Crossroads: A Genre Darkly

World-building, extrapolation, analogy, conceptual... Read More »

Crossroads: What is Noir, Anyway?

Before we get into a discussion of how speculative... Read More »

Crossroads: Where Genres Meet in the Night

Speculative fiction's ability to stay fresh is a d... Read More »