Film Review: Sorry About Tomorrow

8 hours ain’t a lot of time to make a movie. The 48 Film Project has given us a lot of films, some of which have been remarkable, and some of which have been among the worst films ever made. I should know: I’ve made a couple of those. In recent years things seems to have changed and the pinnacle of these films are among the best shorts I’ve seen all year. Like There’s Nothing Funny About a Clown in Love and Snow in the City from San Francisco, the winners in several other cities have really moved me, and none of them with the intelligence and dark logic of Sorry About Tomorrow.

Science Fiction Hobby Games: A First Survey – A Review

I do love me some board games. I’ve been playing ’em since I was below the recommended age and never gave up. Over the last few years, I’ve become a more frequent player, having made a series of friends who love games and even sometimes attend the Essen Game show, bringing back suitcases tight-packed with […]

Why yes, I’m going to WorldCon by Christopher J Garcia

I love WorldCons, and not just because that’s where the Hugos are given. I’ve been to a few of them, and had a great time at every one of them. This year has some promise of being one of the better ones despite the incredibly high cost of hotel rooms. And flights. ESPECIALLY flights… The […]

The Cautionary Tale of ZellaCon -or- How to Hoax and Still End Up Hosting a Convention

Once in a while, I enjoy a good hoaxing. I’ve done Hoax Newsletters ( and various Hoax bids, notably the Hollister WorldCon Hoax ( and AhwahneeCon ( which were both great successes when all was said and done. Now, in the year 2011, Andy Trembley and Kevin Roche were coming back from Redding, California on […]

Review – Judge Minty by Steven Sterlacchini

OK, let’s talk about fan films. They’ve been around forever. There were folks making movies based around characters from books as early as the 1910s, and the explosion in comic books led to a huge number of fan films based on them. TV and movies inspired even more over the years. Some of these have […]

The Last Bookshop by Richard Dadd & Dan Fryer

“There have always been stories. Ever since the earliest days.” Once in a while, I like to be reminded that the future is pretty from where we’re sitting, the present endlessly dull, but the past is far more vibrant than any technology can reproduce. That’s a theme that seldom gets put into words without a […]

AutoDrive by Rory O’Donnell

“Paranoia is the backbone of science fiction, and deservedly so.” – Chris Garcia Some films grew out of concepts that are neither obvious, nor simple. When I watch a short, whether on YouTube or as a part of my selection viewing for festivals, the first thing I look for is that itch, that unexplainable need […]

A Night at the Office by Eric Eppinger

I grew up watching Creature Features. It was a late night show where host John Stanley (or, for slightly older kids, Bob Wilkins) would introduce films as the most down-to-Earth horror hosts you’ve ever met. I saw so many great old timey science fiction and horror films. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Day of the […]

Yeah Rite by Michael Penney

One of the things that has always been perfect for short films is that you can take a known property and play with it for a while. The perfect example of that is the classic Hardware Wars by Ernie Fosselius. It’s just so simple to do gags and play with characters in a shorter format. […]

Amelia by Frank Lucatuorto

We love mad scientists. We always have. It’s arguable that the Dark Ages tradition of the Evil Wizard is the earliest form of the Mad Scientist, only they didn’t have science to hang the idea on yet. We also love clocks. Always have. There’ve been clocks dating back centuries, some of those from the Middle […]