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Cenobyte is a Canadian writer (of many genres, including poetry, non-fiction, ‘soft’ SF, fantasy, magic realism, horror, and literary fiction) and editor. She lives in the most beautiful valley in the world, where she enjoys practicing her craft, learning how to be a parent (does this ever end?), and trying to reason with a recalcitrant cat (slow, SLOW going). She is passionate about books, writing, grammar, gaming, and football. Cenobyte loves parentheses and wishes she had a vestigial tail.

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Who Knows What “Tomorrow” Brings?

Every family, every tribe, every cultural group has its own myths. We use stories, legends, folk tales, and even parables as means of understanding...

Publishing Primer

Contrary to what they tell you when you take “Author 101” in college, writing a book isn’t necessarily the most difficult part of producing...