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REVIEW–Legacy: Overload

Remo Williams' progeny continue to fight the good fight!

REVIEW: Deadbeat (2014 Hulu Original)

Overweight scruffy slackers seem to be a fan favorite character.

What’s Wrong With Mediocre?

C. E. Martin champions the cause for B Movies (and B Lit) everywhere!

Review: SKORPIO, by Mike Baron

a review of comics writer Mike Baron's Skorpio

HELIX: A Nitpicker’s Review

An admittedly nit picky review of the SyFy (don't admit to watching it in Polish) channel's latest offering - Helix

Isn’t All Science Fiction and Fantasy Alternate Reality?

C. E. Martin (yes, but which one?) wonders why we bother to distinguish some works as "alternate reality" when in fact, all SF and fantasy takes place in alternate realities.

Pets in Space!

Does science fiction suffer from animal animosity? Where are all the outer-spacey pets? Who banned fish tanks from the Enterprise? C.E. Martin wants to know.

Where Has All The Wonder Gone?

C. E. Martin laments the sameness of today's fictional offerings and makes the case for something new.

REVIEW: GALLOWWALKERS (2012) Not Worth Hanging Around For

No matter the speed, the fast-forward button can NOT make a bad movie better. Mr. Martin gets down-and-dirty with this review and even manages to find one nice thing to say.

REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (Somehow It Ended up Lame and...

I have always felt that SHIELD was the most interesting part of Marvel Comics. The reality of Disney’s production, however, has left me sad and very disappointed.


Can indie authors - truly indie - be treated as artisans?

Fandomfest 2013: A Review

Fandomfest was missing the fest.

REVIEW- The Killing Fields (Legacy #2)

It reminds me of watching the Incredible Hulk when I was growing up. Bill Bixby was awesome, but I wanted to see a green-painted Lou Ferrigno tearing stuff up

Discovering Science Friction: Snark Week 2013

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives could easily have been made into a Syfy Channel movie (if they’d used lower resolution cameras, thrown in a former 1980s TV star and some cornball music).

Review: GRABBERS (2012)

There’s nothing better than a good monster movie. The problem is, most monster movies these days suck. Some intentionally (Sharktopus, I’m looking at you)....

The Universe is Bigger than You Think, Writers

I must admit that I have a huge pet peeve when it comes to science fiction. Don’t get me wrong- I love this modern...

Dinosaurs are NOT Bulletproof!

As I watched a repeat episode of Mythbusters the other night, I was reminded of one of my pet peeves in Science Fiction and...

AFTER THE CON: Derby City Comic Con 2013 Report

Louisville, Kentucky has grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to conventions. Just a few years ago, the only Con I was aware...

Star Trek- Communism in Space?

I’ll start this week’s thought-provoking commentary with a statement: I like Star Trek. Mostly. I’m no Trekkie/Trekker, but I greatly enjoyed TOS and TNG....

FEMME FATALES: The Most Overused Device in Modern SFF?

Of late, I’ve been reading a lot of articles that hint at a simmering feud between men and women in Science Fiction & Fantasy...

Have Literary Luddites Taken Over SFF Fandom?!

For the past year, I’ve been doing the indie thing- writing and self-publishing my own novels on Amazon, B&N, etc. During that time I’ve...

Kids & Cons

With summer upon us, it’s convention time here in my neck of the woods. And while I’m not that big of a fan of...

The Eyes of Fiction

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul- we’ve heard that so many times. But when it comes to fiction, this...

Who Do You Blame in a Science Fiction World?

Blaming someone for something is part of human nature. Domestic Batterers blame their victims. Evangelists blame the devil, or sometimes God for bad things...

REVIEW: Zombieland, The Series

Once in awhile, something wonderful happens. A great movie gets new life, in the form of a sequel. Take, for example, my personal favorite,...

REVIEW: Dead Island- Riptide

(Review copy played on the Xbox 360 console, mileage may vary) There was one game that came out in 2012 that I played far more...

An Unhappy Burtiversary

Ten years ago this past March, I enjoyed the greatest TV moment of my lifetime- the debut of Tremors: the Series, on the Scifi...

Book Review: Skull Island, by Will Murray

This is going to be a first for me- I’m going to review a book BEFORE I finish it. Hold on! You might be thinking....

Christianity vs. Science Fiction

Of late, I am sensing that lines have been drawn and sides chosen in the camps of Science Fiction (& Fantasy) and Christianity. There’s...

The Destroyer is Back!

Amazing Stories isn’t the only thing making a triumphant return in 2013. Sinanju is recently returned to the literary scene, with TWO series of...