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Read the Contract

The time has come, my friends, to talk of cabbages, and sealing-wax, of walruses and kings... and of contracts, those sheets of paper that...

LibertyCon 26 Report

Home from LibertyCon 26, in Chattanooga TN. We put a thousand miles on the little car this weekend, stayed away from home for four...
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Why I Do What I Do

I have been asked several times in the last week alone about indie publishing. Before I talk about what I'm doing, and why, let...
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The Genderless Mind?

The genderless mind is a myth. Even here in cyberspace, where we can be whatever, whoever, whichever we choose to be, we are still...
Cedar Sanderson

Digging in to Writing

I’m trying to get my writing restarted after the move. I’m not trying to finish Pixie Noir in 13 weeks any longer, as I...
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Writing Oddly

I've been thinking about what makes me write, and what makes writing interesting. I find a lot of gray goo out there. You know...

Interview with Michael J Sullivan

Hello all, I am back from my hiatus as I moved to Ohio. Now that I am settled, enjoying the weather in the southern...

Interview with a Reader

After a series of interviews with self-published authors, I thought I would interview a reader. Or rather, three of them, Sanford Begley, Joseph Capdepon...

I am a Reader

Before I was a writer, I was a reader. My mother tells me I’ve been reading since I was four, and I accept that,...

Covering the Topic

The biggest challenge to self-publishing, I found, was creating covers for my stories. Using the native Mac word processor Pages, formatting stories for epub...

Writing Plans

I’m really tired, and need to study, I have an exam Monday on the Nervous System and the Brain. This week has been really...

Interview with Stephanie Osborn

I chose to interview Stephanie Osborn about her writing and publishing work because I really admire her Displaced Detective Series, and I had the...

The Dreaded M-word

A recent conversation about self and independent publishing led to me voicing my thoughts on what to do once the book is released. This...
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To ISBN, or Not to ISBN?

I’ve been on the brink of buying a ten-pack of ISBN numbers a half-dozen times the last few weeks. The reason I haven’t just...
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Interview with Pam Uphoff

This week I interviewed another who had taken a less than traditional approach to publishing, Pam Uphoff. Pam has 12 titles on Amazon that...
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Interview with John McClure

As I am preparing to self-publish my first novel, I thought I would talk to some friends who have gone down this road ahead...

Vital Editing

Once you have written something with a great hook, a beginning, middle, and satisfactory ending... you don’t have those? Well, that’s a blog for...

Writing With Children

There were army men in the bathtub when I stepped into it this morning. Why do we never read about things like this in...

Just Write

The key to self publishing is to write. Often, this can be a difficult feat, much harder than it first sounds. For instance, I...

Why Self Publish?

Why am I self-published? Well, firstly, because I’m spoiled. I was just talking to my significant other, who happens to live a half a...