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Cait Coker is the Curator for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection and Coordinator of Research Services for Cushing Memorial Library & Archives. An Associate Professor at Texas A&M, her research interests focus on the depiction of women, gender, and sexuality in science fiction and fantasy.

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On the Study of the Fantastic, Part II

I was deeply tempted to title this post “Academia for Fun and Profit,” but it seemed a bit misleading as the vast majority of people tend to read “profit” as traditional monetary gain.

On the Study of the Fantastic, Part I

To outsiders, both fandom and academia are opaque.

Back to School: Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin

The book is like those rare courses some of us are lucky enough to take--the ones you don’t want to end.

American Tolkien

There is a kind of writer whose name evokes not just the titles of their best-known novels or the characters in them, but a...

The History of Fantasy, Part III: I Think You Got a...

I’d mentioned previously the spectrum of modern fantasy is fairly disparate, but if you go into the library or a bookstore it’s really borne...

Old Friends, and Why We Love Them

Dragon Battle Book Sculpture by wetcanvas. First sentences are important. Introductions are important. Not gonna lie, I’ve been writing in my head for weeks trying...

The History of Fantasy, Part II: Barbarians and Elves and Jesus...

         The nineteenth century closes with two books that will be imitated constantly for the next hundred years or so: Lewis Carrol’s Alice...

The History of Fantasy, Part I: Books of Monsters

      Some people like to date Fantasy as starting with Tolkien, some like to reach back to the tales of the ancient world,...