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The Last of the Star Hawks

Back in the late 1970s, Gil Kane and his collaborators fought the good fight, against more than aliens.

Of Monsters, Mecha and Talking Bears

Knights of Sidonia combines the surrealistic and the whimiscal

The Long, Strange Trip of Peter Quill

For Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is the end of a...well, a space odyssey.

Barking Up the Right Tree

The co-creator of Transmetropolitan tackles a first contact story...

Amazing People: Bill Spangler to Guest at Great Allentown Comic Con

Bill Spangler will be a featured guest at the Great Allentown Comic Con

Those old-city, new-crime, 20-minutes-into-the-future blues

Down these mean streets a cyborg must go...

Fighting the Other Star Wars…

Top talent Walt Simonson brings back his military sf creation

Mobile Suit Gundam: A Landmark In the Giant Robot Genre

When is a giant robot not a giant robot?

Old Friends, New Attitudes and Other Puzzles

Wilma Deering just said what?

Exploring strange new worlds every Wednesday

Go from an orbiting space habitat to a world of demons and telepaths...

Atttack of the Amazing, Spectacular Uncanny Media Tie-ins

Really? They did a comic about that?

When Spidey Met Spidey

Miguel O'Hara just wants to get back to his future.

Pirates of the Final Frontier

The Guardians of the Galaxy isn't Marvel Comics' only space-faring team.

When the Outrunners Come Out and Play

When fossil fuels are outlawed, only outlaws will have fossil fuels

Taking A Train To the End Of the World

A French graphic novel is coming to a theater near you....maybe.

A Different Type of Classics Illustrated

In the 1980s, DC comics found a different way to adapt some sf classics...introducing the Graphic Album

Flying Cars and First Contacts

Here are two ambitious sf comics you might want to check out, particularly if you're nominating titles for the 2013 Hugo awards.

Just A League Of Bickering Clones

Matter-Eater Lad, come home; all is forgiven: Bill Spangler visits the year 3,000 in search of the Legion of Super Heroes....

Spider Jerusalem vs. the World

Fear and loathing in a dark future with Spider Jerusalem, the Hunter S. Thompson of the fictional future.

The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the Comic...

Harlan Ellison gets his Dumas on.

A veteran of the Robotech wars

Two of the first wave of TV shows that brought modern anime to America are joining forces.

Unknown Worlds Unknown

A long time ago, in a comic book far, far away...

Surfing With the Alien

Getting reaquainted with some old friends.

The Dancers At the Edge of Chaos (Part 3)

Once more into the Multiverse, dear friends...,

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 2)

The Eternal Champion has issues...and the occasional graphic novel.

The Dancers at the Edge of Chaos (Part 1)

Walk softly and carry a big, cursed blade

Swords, sex and science fiction

Legendary artist Gray Morrow created some comics as well

When We Went To the End of the World (Again)

What a difference a punctuation mark--and nearly 40 years--makes.

The Rational Thing To Do

We're going to go a little off-topic this time.

New Volume Collects Jack Kirby’s Early SF Work

Talking animals and floating heads. You know you want it.