Review: Soul Wars

I once read a novel in which one of the characters was said to “know the difference between the right bracelet, an amusing imitation of the right bracelet and a tasteless copy of the right bracelet.” Unfortunately Soul Wars belongs squarely in the category of the tasteless copy. The characters are two dimensional, the plot […]

Jules Verne

Jules Verne was born February 8th 1828 and died in 1905.  He and H.G. Wells are considered to be the ‘fathers’ of modern Science Fiction although Edgar Allan Poe was actually ahead of both of them having published his first science fiction story in 1845 while Verne only began to publish his Science Fiction stories […]

Cyberstorm: Pack Up Your Water Bottles

Matthew Mather’s new book, Cyberstorm, is a must read for people who understand the world of cyber technology and its vulnerability but unlike many other books on the topic it is the equally enthralling for those, like me, who have little or no background in the area.  Mather’s best-selling Atopia Chronicles are now joined by […]

Edgar Allan Poe – Part 2

Few poems have been quoted, misquoted and satirized as much as Poe’s The Raven, and in truth it’s style and gothic theme are easy to satirize.   Poe’s most ardent wish was to be known as a poet and indeed The Raven brought him the literary success that no other of his writings had.  The Raven […]

The Classics: Edgar Allen Poe

I don’t intend here to eulogize Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) but to discuss some of the contributions he made to the areas of Horror, Science Fiction and Detective Fiction. Poe was born in Boston in 1809. One of the most interesting aspects of researching Poe’s background is that no one seems to know exactly what […]