UFOs and Aliens

I guess what I’m saying is, extraordinary claims don’t really require extraordinary evidence; they just require good, scientific evidence. The same kind that proved the Earth wasn’t flat and F = MA.

On Ghost Hunters

Have you heard a strange bump in the night? Perhaps a door mysteriously opened or slammed shut? My advice, read Carl Sagan’s The Demon Haunted World.

Things for Halloween

Warm up your cauldrons, grab your grimoires, and ready the goats for sacrificing; it’s that time of the year, again. And to put you in the spirit for All Hallows Eve, I’ve compiled this list of some of my favorite scary / Halloween themed things.

Video Game Review: Ascend: Hand of Kul

Ascend: Hand of Kul Signal Studios Microsoft Free This summer Microsoft has made it a priority to release and create more free games for its gold service. Ascend: Hand of Kul, while in beta, is their latest one of these. Developed by Signal Studios and published by Microsoft, Ascend is an online game in the […]

TV Review: Under the Dome

Under the Dome is worth your time if you’re looking for a decent show, and it definitely surprised me in how engaging and unpredictable some of its main plot lines are.

Video Game Review: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

The 80s were and always will be such a blur to me. It wasn’t the excessive cocaine use, blinding neon colors, or the advent of Wham!’s Wake Me up Before You Go Go. No, it was the fact that I spent all of my earliest years in them, along with my four turtle friends. I […]

Review: Magic 2014

It seems like just yesterday I’d won a pack of strange cards with the word magic written on them. Peeling off the foil revealed strange, mystical images and symbols — both enticing and entrancing. I was 11 years-old, it was 1994, and I’d just started a lifelong journey into the world of Magic the Gathering. […]

When Our Heroes are Villains

Don’t do this; don’t do that: a mantra of the adult world. Growing up, things were so simple: the good guys do good; the bad guys do bad. And somewhere, sometime, somebody drew the line in the sand that you’re never supposed to cross. But what if you had to? Or what if you were driven […]

Review: Attack on Titan

Remember that really creepy painting done by Francisco Goya, Saturn Devouring his Son? Well, someone in Japan thought that would be an interesting motif for an Anime series / Manga, and they were damn right. Attack on Titan was created by Hajime Isayama back in 2009 and made into an anime this year. The story […]

The Flooding of High River

I stood at the new wharf, formerly a street that I’d walked down over a hundred times, waiting for my wife, Tamara. A raging river now stood between us, and there was no word from the other side. I managed to grab the arm of an officer, on a passing boat, and told him to […]