REVIEW: The Naked World by Eli K. P. William

Middle books of a trilogy are the ugly step-child of literature. Everybody loves the first book in a trilogy: the characters are shiny and new and the world is a playground in which to explore. The final book in a trilogy is almost as well loved: we learn the ultimate fate of the characters whose […]

And Thanks for All the Fish

So, the thing you have to understand about me is that I love words. Like most writers, I love working with words on my own creations. (Most, not all: the history of literature is strewn with people who hated working with words. I often wonder why they didn’t become plumbers or accountants, but, if you […]

Cosplay at the 2017 Toronto Fan Expo

When I started going to science fiction conventions a few years ago, one of the things that struck me was the wonder of cosplay. Partially, I was awed by the fact that anybody could create a fictional world that engaged the imagination of other people so much that they would want to dress up as […]

Wicked Wonders Wicked Wonderful

In the battle between literary fiction and genre fiction, Ellen Klages belongs to both sides, as her engaging collection of short stories Wicked Wonders demonstrates.

Class Act?

Class, the third spin-off of the newly constituted Doctor Who, has not been getting much love; Ira Nayman argues that it should.

BOOK REVIEW: The Annihilation Score

The great thing about writing a series of novels is that, if your original idea is flexible enough, you can throw just about anything you want into them. Charles Stross exemplifies this by throwing superheroes into his Laundry series book The Annihilation Score.

Cosplay at Toronto Fan Expo

Ira Nayman makes the argument that cosplayers should be accepted as fans as much as anybody else…but, really, it’s just an excuse to share photos of cosplayers he took at the 2016 Toronto Fan Expo. Shh…