In this intro I shall explain that what you are viewing is not really the new Amazing Stories.

What you are actually looking at is the Relaunch Prelaunch of the new Amazing Stories.

To make a long story short and to simultaneously avoid having to give up too many secrets:  there is a master plan behind the re-invention of Amazing Stories, a plan that encompasses more than just the revitalizing of an old pulp favorite.  One that contemplates an entirely new approach to publishing.

Not unsurprisingly, introducing that concept full blown requires a fair amount of financing and not just for good content.  An entire infrastructure needs to be built, staff needs to be hired and trained, practices and methodologies developed and perfected

The hunt for financing was not to begin until after the presidential election on the advice of those who should know.

Between the development of the plan and the current time, things have changed.

Later on in the month there will be an announcement made – initially at San Diego Comic Con on the west coast and at Readercon on the east coast.  The content of that announcement has prompted the acceleration of plans for Amazing Stories and has caused me to offer up this relaunch prelaunch version on the blog to ensure that there is something active on the web that at least vaguely resembles an electronic magazine.

Why?  Because we are expecting a large amount of attention as a result of the announcement.

The major, long range plan is still in effect and, while the pending big announcement will certainly help move things along in a positive direction, your participation is still needed.  The more interest there is in Amazing Stories, the more support it has, the easier it will be to raise the hoped for funds.

I’ve been busily taking the whole grand plan and breaking it up into discrete parts – developmental stages for want of a phrase.  The first of those will be offered as a Kickstarter (or perhaps an IndieGoGo) campaign, the success of which will once again rely on the interest and participation of Amazing Stories’ current readership.

What Can You Do?  Visit the site.  Tell your friends about the site.  Add comments to the site.  Visit the blog.  Spread the word.  Help make this happen.  And thank the many folks who have given of their time and their hard work to help me flesh out this relaunch prelaunch edition.

And Thanks!

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