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Your girlfriend has been brutally murdered. Except...she walks back into your life. What the hell is going on?

The Great Milo by David Gerrold

Never piss off a man who buys ink by the barrel.

We’re all Here in the Future by Kermit Woodall

People are brought to consciousness in the future. Were they in a coma? Were they frozen and revived? And why does their cognition appear to be impaired...?

Penny of Tharsis Montes by Sean Monaghan

A potentially deadly asteroid fall causes a Martian farmer to remember the days he spent on the red planet...and, perhaps, the days to come. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

Lost Phoenixes by Stuart Barton

Survivors of a doomed Earth approach the moon, not certain if the people who fled there decades earlier will view them as friends or enemies. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

The Size of the Fight by Matt Downer

A space veterinarian gets more than she bargained for when she moves - not voluntarily - to a small asteroid mining community. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

A Clean Start by James Gordon Harper

Under the best of circumstances, making art is hard. Making art on the moon with your window of opportunity quickly closing up? That takes a special kind of inspiration... A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

Awake the Snorting Citizens by Trent Walters

Trapped in a damaged tin can floating in space, Roberto has to resort to desperate measures to survive, A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

The Mesmerist by Karen Skovmand

For some, the best way to deal with the apocalypse is to retreat into memory. For some of them, there is a man who can help... A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

The Sounding Cataract by Stephen S. Power

Ernie is convinced that a plume of fire holds the answers that it has been sent to Pluto to seek, but Mission Control believes that the plume is too dangerous to get near. What is a poor land rover to do? A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

Parental Guidance Recommended by Vince Liberato

Mars needs a drink. Her parents try to stop her. An old story is given a futuristic twist. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

How Gaia and the Guardian Saved the World by Alex Shvartsman

The Guardian has to protect Earth from imminent destruction by incoming meteor; the biggest obstacle to it completing its mission may be its own programming. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

Bob the Hipster Knight by Jeremy Lichtman

Never trust an app in the form of a woman you don't know, even if you are a hipster knight. A Gernsback Contest winning short story.

The Geno Virus by R. K. Troughton

I wouldn’t call this a confession, as I feel a confession requires first the intent to do wrong and secondly the willful execution of...

The Pixie by Steven M. Long

Paul clutched his jacket and passport against his chest, blinking away rough vines that sprouted through the tiles and snaked around the metal legs...

The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan

Hadrian discovered the most fascinating thing about plummeting in total darkness wasn’t the odd sense of euphoria from the free fall or the abject...

Heavenly Horizon by Ricky L. Brown

Millennia have passed since the journey began. The coffer pod continues to forge ahead on an endless voyage. Cal Wellington’s timelessly preserved corpse lay...

Where the Space Pirates Are by John M. Whalen

“I want you to take me to where the pirates are,” James Joyce Jameson, famous author and Holovision raconteur said, as he took a...

Finity by Felicity Savage

Raphaella Chang woke up with an advertisement tattooed on her face. She remembered orbiting the pop-up booth on the high street, taunting her friends,...

Tool Dresser’s Law by Jack Clemons

Wildcatter  dropped onto Hawking a month ahead of perihelion. We slammed in after losing a brutal tug of war with the singularity that started...

Virtually Yours by Nina Munteanu

Vincent yanked the V-set off his head and found himself back in his apartment, lying alone and spent on his king-size bed. The cozy...

Lightning War by Duncan Long

Commander Teresa Werek sat at the helm in the shadowy bridge, studying the subspace surveillance photos that had been relayed to her. “Zoom in...

Cosmic Corkscrew by Michael A. Burstein

Stasis felt unreal. Dr. Scheihagen had warned me about that when I volunteered for this mission. "Remember, we don't know what it'll be like for...

Customer Service by John Purcell

RECORDED FEMALE VOICE: "To ensure quality control, this conversation might be recorded." TRANSCRIPT BEGINS: "Satellite Life and Property, Customer Service, this is Monica. How can...

Spirit Dance by Douglas Smith

In the beginning of things, men were as animals and animals as men.—Cree legend Vera made a warding sign as I entered the store, my...

The Voyage That Lasted 600 Years by Don Wilcox

Thirty generations would live and die before the Flashaway reached its destination. Could the one man who was to live on keep them to their purpose? -Original...

AURORA (excerpt) By David A. Hardy

Who was the mysterious stranger who helped injured Londoners during the Blitz-- and then vanished? Who was the beautiful blonde girl who blazed like...

Will Little Note, Nor Long Remember by Jack Clemons

The entropy lines of the time-transporter field bowed outward above the receiving platform, distorting the small room into a grotesque, carnival-mirror reflection of itself....


by Jack Clemons Wildcatter dropped onto Hawking a month ahead of perihelion. We slammed in after losing a brutal tug of war with the singularity...