Appertain Yourself

Appertain yourself

File 770 (one of my fave daily reads) has established several traditions among its regular posters: there is, of course, the now famous claim of “FIFTH!” comment (referencing a well known editing error in which a book – meant to demonstrate a small press’ professionalism – contained two chapter fives). There is the hilarious practice of submitting word-play titles for the Pixel Scroll link round-up feature and then there is the exercise of editorial fiat on the part of File 770 editor, Mike Glyer.

Should a reader submit a copy editing fix (typos creep in everywhere, dontchya know) that accurately corrects one of the editor’s typographical errors, that reader is offered the opportunity to “appertain themselves a glass of their favorite beverage”.

Today, I’m stealing shamelessly from File 770’s custom and offering all of Amazing Stories readers an invitation to “appertain themselves a glass of their favorite beverage”.

Next week we will be featuring a guest editorial on the subject of digital piracy.

Until then – go do what you were just told to do!

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