Anyone For a Bit of DC on TV?

Marvel may have a lock on the big screen…but it looks like DC is going after the small one

DC TV showsWe are half way through September and it can only mean one thing. The return of the Fall premiere season on TV. Luckily with many new sci-fi shows being so popular we get many of the shows within days of the US (although The Leftovers only starts this week in the UK). There are so many new shows launching this season but there are three that are getting me itching to watch, they are all comic book adaptations, and are all from the world of DC Comics.

The DC universe is ensuring it dominates the small screen before Marvel tries to fill the gaps with Agent Carter the Netflix shows and not to mention season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which premieres the day after Gotham).

Gotham starts Monday 22 September. This is the prequel to the Batman movies, but rather than doing a Smallville and focus on the Dark Knight himself, Commander Gordon as a young detective takes center stage. From the previews, interviews, featurettes and trailers, this looks to be one awesome show.

The Flash starts Tuesday 7 October. We’ve already seen the man behind the Flash in Arrow which returns for its third season. He was about to get it on with Felicity before getting hit by lightening and going into a coma. The question is will there be a cross over between the two shows?

Constantine starts Friday 24 October. The Keanu Reeves film wasn’t much of a hit, but here’s hoping the TV show can excel where the film didn’t. The role of John Constantine is played by a busy, but relatively unknown British actor by the name of Matt Ryan. You may have spotted him in The Tudors or Vikings – I don’t but with his new blonde hair he looks almost unrecognisable.

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  1. Never a fan of the BatMan TV show as it wasn’t the Dick Sprang BatMan I had known from the comic books. Even as a child I knew it was just silly. Smallville, nope, Birds of Prey could have been so good but wasn’t and as for Arrow, it was 3 episodes and out. Gotham? The story of BatMan’s city…without BatMan? Pass. With Flash, well I’d liked the first series so I’ll give it a look. As for Constantine, er, on primetime on a broadcast network there are going to be limitations. Had it been FX I’d been more excited.

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