An Hour of Terrifying Sci-Fi | Sunday Night DUST

DUST for Halloween “treats”

Join us for the Halloween special as we watch an hour of sci-fi short films that will send shivers down your spine. Tune in at 7pm PST for the live-chat.

EDDIE by John Lynch |
Logline: Deep underground, a second-rate scientist mans a discarded research facility struggling to cope with extreme boredom, a desperate voiceless companion and a mystery he’d really rather not have to solve…
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ISOLATED by Thomas Vergara |
Logline: After finding himself in a wrecked taxi, Evan tries to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, while dealing with a dangerous threat, in a seemingly deserted city.
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LOVELY MONSTER by Francesco Calabrese |
Logline: The simple short follows a documentary crew as they interview various figures in her life: classmates, her mother, a bully, and of course herself. No one should be alone but you might change your mind after watching where the story goes.
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LUCID NATION by Stephen Turselli |
Logline: Two middle-schoolers try an experiment at home involving ping pong balls, red light, and white noise.
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DEDALO by Jerónimo Rocha |
Logline: Trapped inside the Space Freighter/Refinery DÉDALO, SIENA tries to survive an infestation of Diabolic Creatures.
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DEEP CLEAN by Matt Harlock |
Logline: 16 year old Alex hasn’t seen his Uncle Brian since his Dad’s funeral. A troubled kid, he’s been kicked out of school and is now forced into doing a work placement with Brian’s council road repair crew. Alex can’t believe he has to spend the day with these bickering slobs, but when an emergency call leads him down into a basement below the street, he realizes there’s a lot more to this crew, and his Uncle, than he first thought.
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