AMAZING THINGS You Should Know: 21 Draw

Draw 21, an awesome (amazing!) art book is fund raising right now!

books thats solve art problemsIf you love art books, you’re gonna love this one. The guys over at the 21 Draw art project have launched their book today on IndieGogo. The book is drawn by 101 top industry professionals and provides references for character types for comics, games and cartoons. They have artists like Steve Rude, Ariel Olivetti, Tom Bancroft, Artgerm, Ed Benes, Kim Jung Gi and other giants of the industry.


The book covers all of the most common characters like the typical hero, heroine, warrior and princess. It also covers some not so common characters like a psycho-killer-bot drawn by Lorenzo Etherington from the Etherington Bros. You even get comedy characters like a fat fairy and a stylish hippo. All in all, the book covers almost every imaginable character possible.


The book came about when the 21 Draw crew ran surveys asking artists what their most common art problems were. When the results came back the following problem areas came up repeatedly:

1. Character Design (a lack of good references)

2. Action poses

3. Drawing faces

4. Drawing Hands

Then they hired 101 of the best artists in the world to work on the project. Each artist was assigned to draw one particular character in 10 seperate images: two reference poses (showing front & side), 3 action poses, 3 faces and 2 hands. 


There is a lot of excitement in the industry around this book and they have a standby list of 62 artists waiting to join the project. It is not only a valuable tool for artists but is also extremely interesting for comic book fans and other art enthusiasts due to the number of high level names working on the project. You can pre-order a copy of their book now on IndieGogo by clicking here ( It is only available between May 01 and May 31 so hurry!


Amazing Stories will be doing a review of this book once it is published!  How cool is that!?!

Draw-21 is ALREADY at 19% of its fund raising goal, a little more than 24 hours after its debut.  This one will go all the way – help it out and be a part!


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