AMAZING THINGS: Futures Past Magazine Plans To Go Print

Futures Past – A Visual History of Science Fiction – is making the move to print.

photo-originalFutures Past – the Visual History of Science Fiction – has recently opened a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print edition of this visually stunning (and historically dense) project.

Jim Emerson has been knocking around the field for a while; his focus has always been on bringing the history of our genre (now rapidly approaching its centennial) to the forefront.  Last year he produced an electronic version of the first volume, covering the genre’s inaugural year – 1926 – a year near and dear to our heart’s here at Amazing Stories.

c071b5eae1c64f2853fd5d85c6672a66_originalWe covered that first volume back in August of last year and are pleased to see that Jim is moving forward – we’re expecting wonderful things!

Check out his Kickstarter campaign (you’ll get a gander at some of the fantastic art he reproduces – Amazing Stories, Science & Invention, Weird Tales, Argosy – not to mention the personalities and the stories!

(Note:  Futures Past – a Visual History of Science Fiction is not affiliated with our licensee, the publisher – Futures Past Editions Books – from whom you can obtain our growing line of classic reprint anthologies.)


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