AMAZING THINGS: Flying Chipmunk Press to Release 4 Book Bundle

Linda T. Kepner announces a book bundle for her new vampire series.

Flying Chipmunk Publishing will release a four-book series by Linda Tiernan Kepner.

This bundle, The Vampire of Manhattan, is an adventure series taking place in a hospital and a publishing house in New York. One character is a vampire lord.

Kepner’s previous books include two science-fiction novels (most recently Planting Walnuts), two fantasy-fiction novels, and two romance novels (published by Crimson Romance).

Her short stories have been published in Absolute Magnitude, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Dreams of Decadence.

Each Vampire novel will be published in e-format on the release month and available as a paperback the following month:

linda vampire

Loving the Vampire (Sept. 2014),
Vale of Vampires (Nov. 2014),
Living With Vampires (Jan. 2015), and
Magicians and Vampires (March 2015).

Linda writes, “I did not worry about how much it sounded like the hospital where I once worked and the publishing house, ditto. They’re total fabrications, as much as the wild Canadian vampires; but mud season in rural Vermont is unfortunately very real.”

Additional information about the book bundle and LInda’s works are available on her website.

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