AMAZING THINGS: Before the Flood Streaming for Free

Free streaming until November 6

before_the_flood_2016_documentary_film_posterIt’s unusual for us to publish an Amazing Things piece that isn’t directly related to one of our contributors, but we feel that the climate change documentary – Before the Flood – relates to all of our contributors and all of our readers, so we wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to watch it while it is streaming for free.

The free ride ends on 11/6/2016, so, rather than posting this in news, we’re making a special announcement.

It’s quite unsettling and well worth the watch;  some amazing technologies are revealed and this documentary manages to really convey how much our planet has already changed, let alone how much more change we are likely to see.  Even if you are a “climate change denier”, you owe it to yourself to watch, if only to gather talking points.

Give it a go.

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