AMAZING THINGS: Andre Norton – Ten Year Memorial

Andre Norton website offers tributes on the ten year anniversary of the author’s death.

memorialIt’s a sad thing to realize that it has already been a full decade since Andre Norton, Grand Dame of Science Fiction (and particularly YA science fiction) left us.

Yesterday (yes, we’re a bit behind the curve here), the Andre Norton Books tribute website announced a memorial, several free e-reads and a giveaway in recognition of this anniversary.

The website acquired the rights to publish FANUS, a short story that has been waiting to see the light of day for three decades.  In tribute to Andre, the website has made the story available to all who visit the link.

The website is also giving away ten copies of  the Documentary – Andre Norton: The Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Pushing the Pen Publications, and is announcing the release of several new books.

Andre Norton was an important figure on the science fiction landscape of the 50’s and 60’s;  her YA work may very well have introduced more children to science fiction than even the Heinlein juvenovels;  like many, my introduction to her work was the ACE double edition of Daybreak:  2250 A.D. (Starman’s Son), a wonderful coming of age story among a post-apocalyptic future.

Andre Norton was named a SFWA Grandmaster in 1983.  subsequently, SFWA inaugurated the Andre Norton Award for YA science fiction and fantasy.  Her bibliography literally runs from A to Z.

She left us a sterling legacy.

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