Amazing Stories of Utter Exhaustion (combined with) Fantastic Stories of Complete Exhaustion

No news this week. Because read the title.

There will be no news, fannish or otherwise, this week due to the utter and complete exhaustion of the entire editorial staff (me).

This is due in part to having spent the past week moving family from the ancestral home into an independant  living facility.  Contributing factors include assisting with the relocation of the entiire population of Panjandrum IV via slow boat, single-handedly  eradicating the Stobor plague on Lastnerve 9 and supervising the completion of a nuclear pulse spaceship for use against those pesky two-trunked elephants that keep trying to invade Earth.

There are also vague memories of diverting rivers to clean stables….

Amazing Stories will  return to its usual news cycle next week.






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