Amazing Stories’ 2020 Nebula Award Eligibility Notices

Short fiction published by Amazing Stories in 2019 that is award eligible in 2020

Three issues of the magazine have so far been published in 2019 – Spring, Summer and Fall, with Fall being a double – length issue.

All of the fiction we’ve published so far are eligible for various awards in 2020, including the Nebula Award, for which nominations have just opened for SFWA members.

Here’s an issue by issue listing of eligible stories:

Spring 2019 – Volume 76, Issue 3

Red Shift by R.S. Belcher
Out-of-Most-Worlds Planet Cessation Extravaganza by Marie Bilodeau
Cricket Songs by Kathy Kitts
A Swift Drop: Two Bits by Sean Grigsby
Impending Karma Strike by Marc A. Criley
Damn Lousy Teapots by Matthew Timmins
Conservation of Mismatched Shoes by Rosemary Claire Smith
The Whether App by Paul Levinson
T-Minus by Tanya Karen Gough
God Bless the Freaks by Elsa M. Carruthers

Summer 2019 – Volume 76, Issue 4

Follow the Other Brick Road (or…In the Land of the Wurlikins) by David Gerrold
Home-O-Cide by Jen Frankel
The Scheduled War by Tatiana Ivanova; Translated by Alex Shvartsman
Canuck Commodities and Futures by Cathy Smith
Worth Doing Wrong by Brad Preslar
The Prufrock Whisperer by Brian Rappatta
#savejade by Jo Miles

Fall 2019 – Volume 77, Issue 1

Another Avatar by S.P. Somtow
Home by R.S. Belcher
Blindside by Liz Westbrook-Trenholm
Robots at Dawn! by T.B. Jeremiah
Dog Tales by Bud Sparhawk
Stone and Starlight by Wendy Nikel
Stopover at Meech’s World by Matthew Hughes
In the Moon Garden by Sandra Kasturi
Buyer Beware by Shirley Meier
Breaking News by Jack McDevitt
The Doll Ladies by Sally McBride
The Boy With the Metalliderm Arm by S.L. Saboviec
The P&A by Paul Levinson
When Krom-ish Eyes Are Smiling by Amber Royer
Genesis for Dyslexics by Adam-Troy Castro
The Typhoon Rider by Dave Creek
Intruder by Jack Clemons
Ancient Hearths by Paul Di Filippo
The Night People by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Note:  We’ll update this listing as new fiction is published during the eligibility period.

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