AMAZING PEOPLE: R. Graeme Cameron Releases Issue 1 of Polar Borealis Magazine

Don’t be stupid. Get your FREE copy of Polar Borealis today!

polar borealisSeeking to fill a void in publishing markets for new authors, “the Graeme” announced the founding of Polar Borealis, a semi-professional market for new (and old and pensioned) Canadian authors of speculative fiction.

The first issue of the new paying market was released yesterday as a free-for-readers downloadable PDF publication.

Readers of Amazing Stories will find several familiar names there, along with much new talent.  I use the word talent deliberately.  Each and every story and poem found in this inaugural issue found me reading past the first few paragraphs.  It’s a very strong issue for a new publication.

But there is absolutely no need for promotion or convincing.  Polar Borealis is FREE.

Seriously.  In fact, the only thing I really need to do by way of convincement is to suggest that it would be kind of stupid not to get your copy now.

So?  What are you still doing here?  You should be going HERE.

Editor’s Note:  Don’t miss R. Graeme Cameron’s Club House post today.

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