AMAZING PEOPLE: Kermit Woodall Published in Nth Degree

Amazing Stories Art Director has a new short story published in the Nth Degree online magazine

Kermit Woodall, Amazing Stories own Art Director and web designer, has placed a short story – A Very Singular Singularity – in issue #26, August-September – issue of the free fiction fanzine Nth Degree!

Nth Degree, the brainchild of editor Micheal D Pederson, associate editor Robert Balder and staff artist J. Andrew World, publishes new fiction online every Tuesday and Thursday.

Kermit’s short story, A Very Singular Singularity, was the Thursday offering for this first week of October 2018.

Kermit is also a regular contributor of science articles to the Amazing Stories website.

Kermit’s story investigates the consequences of competing technologies, and what can happen when researchers get just a little bit behind the curve.

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