AMAZING PEOPLE: Jack Clemons To Be Interviewed by the Mythwits Podcast Today

Rocket Scientist Jack Clemons in live interview tonight.

Jack Clemons
Jack Clemons

Amazing Stories very own in-house Rocket Scientist – Jack Clemons – has been interviewed by the Mythwits podcast at Studio 187 today.

Jack Clemons worked on both the Apollo and Shuttle programs and has been bringing us bi-monthly reports on his adventures and exploits among the team of scientists and engineers who helped put a man on the Moon and into low Earth orbit with the world’s first re-usable spacecraft.

Jack’s posts will eventually form the core of a book of his personal history with the US’s manned space program.  They can all be read here.  Jack is also a science fiction author and a couple of his stories have been published (and reprinted) in Amazing Stories.  You can read them here.

His interview today will be live at 9:30 pm est.  Visit the Mythwits page for more information.

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