AMAZING PEOPLE: Dianne Lynne Gardner’s Indie Fantasy TV Show – Cassandra’s Castle

Fantasy author Dianne Lynne Gardner, a team of writers, actors and TV production professionals have teamed up to produce an Indie Television Show – Cassandra’s Castle.

The time has come!
We’ve done everything we can to bring our TV series project to fruition, but alas, no filming can be done without a fan base, and without support.

That’s why we are now coming to you.

We’re ready!

casandras2We’ve got out cast, our crew, our award winning screenplay, our locations spotted, our main actors training with a top-of-the-line fencing instructor, horses chosen, and equipment polished and ready to go.

All we need is YOU, our fans.

From the Indiegogo campaign:

casandras tailThey say that an Independent FX fantasy series is an impossible beast to slay, but with the level of commitment our crew here in Seattle has shown already, we’re going to prove them wrong!

Learn more at the Indiegogo campaign (they’ve really got this dialed in!).


The Impossible Beast from John Estes on Vimeo

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