AMAZING PEOPLE: Dianne Gardner’s Ian’s Realm Now A Film

Dianne Gardner’s fantasy novel is well on its way towards being realized as a feature film. Help support this fantastic & fantastical project!

You probably saw from the 4.5 billion posts I made yesterday about our new film which I’ve been pouring my life into for the past FEW YEARS! It’s called Ian’s Realm, an adventure fantasy that is filled with, magic, humor, excitement, and a tiny bit of romance. As one reviewer puts it:

“Geek grows up in two world’s…. Learns the value of love and saves the day… Great characters. Wonderous way to teach moral wellness.” -Bingaux

You can learn all about it here:
The response has been insane! We launched Ian’s Realm on Seed and Spark, and in less than 24 hours we raised over$1700. Big thanks to everyone who has supported us so far! It means the world to me. If you haven’t had the chance to jump in yet, there are still some great perks left. Snap ’em up!

– Dianne Gardner

P.S. Here’s the video link again:
P.P.S. Check out the Jeff Stillwell’s, our lead actor’s interview above!

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