14 year old boys do the darndest things!

David A. Hardy, King of Space Artists, is being touted as the artist who saw Pluto before NASA did in a wonderful piece that highlights his upcoming Visions of Space show presented by the British Astronomical Society.

Hardy is well known for his whimsical BHEN alien that has frequently appeared on the cover of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, as well as his more serious astronomical art presentations.

Hardy’s work, along with that of 19 other space artists, will be presented at the Wells & Mendip Museum from the 7th to the 21st of November, 2015.

David A. Hardy created the cover for Amazing’s second Relaunch, Prelaunch issue and was the subject of a featured article that showcased his work here in 2013.

David can be found on Facebook and at his website.Astroart

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