AMAZING NEWS: Pre-Election (Pre Chaos?) Edition: 11-1-20

Sean Connery gone. Elon Musk has never read the Outer Space Treaty. Murderbot, Hawkwind, Paul Levinson, DL James, Virtualconcon and more

PSA:  If you have not done so already – VOTE.  If you have not returned a mail-in or absentee ballot, return it in person in the appropriate manner and to the appropriate location for your state.  If you can not do that, vote in person on Election Day.

Want to know when the polls close and when the voting is likely to be done?  Check this out

Video games are once again being used as military recruiting tools:  Last Starfighter reboot moves forward.

Virtualconcon – the online convention for online convention runners, is scheduled for November 15th.  Yours truly will be presenting.

You might get a kick from Dan Meth’s pop-culture charts.  If not, at least you’ll know how Graboids stack up against Shai Hulud.

Learn more about the man who gave almost everyone in the US the space bug in this documentary about Chesley Bonestell

Behind the scenes with scriptwriter Ihuoma Ofordire at Lovecraft Country

More water on the Moon than previously known, yet still less than in the Sahara

Mini-Micro Starship Voyager moves under its own power

The Strand – famous NYC used bookstore – asks for help from readers and gets it

Cosplay Gallery

Covid Data Disappearing

Midnight Sky – post apocalyptic film starring George Clooney – trailer

Two weeks till SpaceX’s next launch

New Melinda Snodgrass release – In Evil Times

Boskone this year – Boskone 58 – will be virtual.

Eaglemoss announces The Orville Collection

Forest Path Books is looking for “LITERARY, DIVERSE, AND EXPRESSIVE PROSE”

Murderbot.  Animated.  Yes.

Hawkwind was a radical band and Michael Moorcock on Hawkwind

You’ve probably seen the Star Trek Bloopers Reel. Now check out these other bizarre on-set happenings. (If you haven’t seen the Blooper Reel….)

Elon Musk wants to be a space pirate;  already declaring Mars to be his “Port Royal”

This artist adds Star Wars iconography to found paintings

RIP Sean Connery

Profile of D.L. James, a forgotten sciencefictioneer

Writer Beware warns of “Literary Scout Impersonators”

Paper Djinn issues last call for Specfic Poetry

Paul Levinson presents “The Truth About Fake News”

Someone else gets Heinlein wrong on Youtube

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