Amazing News Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazing Stories’ Top half-dozen posts from the previous week:

Why Science Fiction Poetry is Embarrassingly Bad
Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Traditional Publishing by the Numbers
Theodore Sturgeon, The Next Question, Well-Meaning Scientists and The Evil They Can Cause.
Pulling Back the Publishing Veil: Editors and Their Roles
A Broader View of Science-Fiction Poetry
What Science Fiction Lacks

Last week’s T*Zers revealed a bit of David Gerrorld’s script and some of Troy Boyle’s preliminary sketches.  This week we’ll be featuring the penciling of the first completed page of A Doctor for the Enterprise.

One need look no further than The SciFiChicks’s 8th Anniversary to realize that gender equality in science fiction has come a loooooong way since, well, pretty recently.

I didn’t make Boskone 50 this past weekend (family & travel issues), but the word on Facebook and elsewhere is that it was an excellent convention.  Good One to you NESFA.


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