Carl Slaughter passes, some fans meetup up in Ireland; Filers meetup in Ireland; Harvey and Teen awards and Dublin, Dublin, Dublin!

More Dern Photos from Friday at Dublin 2019
GRRM Signing signage Brenda Clough, Walter Hunt Panel: Writing for Children Christine Taylor Butler, Amy McCulloch, Molly Ker Hawn, Delia Sherman Miscellaneous dealers

More Rich Lynch Photos from Friday at Dublin 2019
Panel: Makers of Fandom Kees van Toorn, Mary Burns, Alison Scott, and Steve Davies A transatlantic cable, hurrah! Mary and Bill Burns at Bill’s Transatlantic Communications Cables slide show and talk. And here, at the entrance to the Dealers Room…. …

Dublin 2019 Opening Press Conference — Thursday
By Daniel Dern: The opening press conference was great! Chair James Bacon, and guests Diane Duane, Ginjer Buchanan, Ian McDonald, Mary Burns, Bill Burns were introduced. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any video — neither official nor any of

Pixel Scroll 8/16/19 Scrolls From Topographic Pixels
CSF SPECIAL COLLECTIONS. David L. Ulin goes “Inside the archives — and mind — of sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick” for the LA Times. CSF’s sff collection originated with the work of Professor Willis McNelly. …“The Man in the

2019 WSFA Small Press Award Finalists
The Washington Science Fiction Association (WSFA) has announced the finalists for the 2019 WSFA Small Press Award: “Baggage,” by Leslie Burton-Lopez, published in When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology, Fairfield Scribes, (October 2018); “The Djinni and the Accountant,” by Hal J.

Daniel Dern’s Friday Dublin 2019 Photos
Roving photographer Daniel Dern found these shots of interest on Friday at Dublin 2019. Panel, Writing Outside Western Expectations Georgina Kamsika, Beth Meacham, Joey Yu, Regina Kanyu Wang The rest of the gallery follows the jump. Alas, due to construction,

Dublin 2019 Photos by Rich Lynch – Friday
A cold truth surfaces… The Dublin Convention Centre is too small for the size of this convention. By a lot. Thursday was chaos in the halls leading into the meeting rooms. Packed solid with people trying to exit rooms where

First Fandom Awards at Dublin 2019
Three First Fandom awards were presented during Opening Ceremonies at Dublin 2019. First Fandom Hall of Fame Award: Ray Faraday Nelson First Fandom Posthumous Hall of Fame Award: Bob Shaw, James White and Walt Willis Sam Moskowitz Archive Award: Dr.

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask — Special Irish Worldcon Edition, Day One
DAY ONE By Chris M. Barkley: After a brutal and taxing trans-Atlantic transit on Monday, my partner Juli and I were able to obtain our membership badges fairly easily Tuesday morning. Yesterday was mainly spent getting used to our surroundings

Dublin 2019 Unveils Hugo Award Bases
The 1944 Retro-Hugo Award base (left) and 2019 Hugo Award base (right) are on display at Dublin 2019. Thanks to Rich Lynch for the photo. The 1944 Retro Hugo base was designed by Eleanor Wheeler. She is an architectural and

Dublin 2019 WSFS Business Meeting Day 1
Corina Stark did a fantastic job of notetaking in “WSFS Preliminary Business Meeting Liveblog”, which can be read on Alex Acks’ blog. Once video of the meeting has been uploaded, it will be available at Worldcon Events on YouTube.

Thursday Filers Meetup at Dublin 2019
Thanks to Eric Wong for these photos of the Filers meetup on Thursday, August 15 at Dublin 2019!

Dublin 2019 Photos by Rich Lynch
The GRRM book signing queue Photo taken at about 3:35pm. The line started forming at 2:00pm. I’m not in it, which makes me glad I am no longer getting books signed. Some panels are being held in a converted cinemaplex

Pixel Scroll 8/15/19 Some Kind of Zebra Camel Hybrid
JEMISIN PROMOTES INDIES. “N.K. Jemisin Named 2019 Indies First Spokesperson” – Shelf Awareness has the story. Science fiction and fantasy author N.K. Jemisin will be the spokesperson this year for Indies First, the campaign supporting independent bookstores that takes place on

Daniel Dern’s Thursday Dublin 2019 Photos
Let’s begin with Peter S. Beagle here and post the rest of Daniel Dern’s gallery after the jump — Peter S. Beagle Justin says hi Justin Ackroyd and Daniel Dern Another Filer gets their button Cora Buhlert and Daniel Dern

1944 Retro-Hugo Winners
Dublin 2019 announced the winners of the 1944 Retrospective Hugo Awards on August 15 as part of Opening Ceremonies. There were 834 total votes cast (826 online, 8 paper ballots). Best Novel Conjure Wife, by Fritz Leiber, Jr. (Unknown Worlds,

First Panel of the Convention!
“Fanzines Now” (L-R) Joe Siclari (, John Coxon, Philippa Ryder (Albedo One, Under the Rainbow), Greg Hullender (Rocket Stack Rank), Phoebe Wagner (Nerds of a Feather, University of Nevada, Reno) . Photo by Rich Lynch

2019 Harvey Awards Nominees
Finalists for the Harvey Awards, honoring the life and work of comics creator Harvey Kurtzman,(1924-1993), cartoonist, writer, editor and founder of Mad Magazine, have been revealed. Voting is now open to eligible industry professionals. The awards are presented under the

Pixel Scroll 8/14/19 I Pixel Things That Never Were; And I Scroll, ‘Why not?’
DUBLIN 2019 PARAPHERNALIA. A Filers shows what she received upon checking in at the Worldcon: (2) DUELING SFF. Crooked Timber takes Fred Hoyle’s novel “Ossian’s Ride” as the jumping-off point for a discussion of modern Ireland. …Hoyle was

Dern in Dublin
Daniel Dern was eager to get to the Worldcon but he still stopped to smell the roses along the way. Rose at National Botanic Garden, Dublin Double decker bus, Dublin Carole Parker, John Sapienza Registration Desk Pronoun stickers Con Souvenir

Distinguished Members of the World Press
Filers Chris Barkley and Daniel Dern have arrived in Dublin. For Chris Barkley, it was a roundabout trip — Well, my partner Juli and I FINALLY arrived in Dublin after a brief diversion to Frankfort… GERMANY and practically 36

Arriving Dublin
By Daniel Dern: Holyhead, Wales to Dublin earlier this afternoon… whether it’s a carved head walking stick or a con t- shirt, it’s often easy to spot a fellow traveller Fans do believe in ferries This place in Holyhead had great

Pixel Scroll 8/13/19 It’s Far From Files And Pixels You Were Scrolled
RETRO-HUGOS LIVE. The Hugo Awards site shows where to access live text reports on Thursday. “2019 Retro-Hugo Award Ceremony – Live Coverage”. (2) LAW PRACTICE. At Whatever, “The Big Idea: Christopher Brown” tells the history behind Rule of Capture.

Carl Slaughter (1958-2019)
File 770’s Carl Slaughter died August 11 in a car accident. The Murray, Kentucky fan had just moved back to the U.S. in March after years spent teaching English in China. Carl had more than 250 reviews, interviews, features, and

Wandering Through the Public Domain #18
A regular exploration of public domain genre works available through Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Librivox. By Colleen McMahon: In the previous installment of this column, I began looking at early time travel stories, mostly involving some sort of magical or

Get Left
By John Hertz: It’s National Left-handers Day here in the United States. That may not matter to you if you’re in or on the way to Dublin for the World Science Fiction Convention. Or, I suppose, at all. But there

2019 Teen Choice Awards
The Teen Choice Awards 2019 were presented on August 11. Fans voted online and through social media for their favorite celebrities, movies, TV shows, and songs. Guess what – they like superheroes a lot! Check out the full list of

Dublin The Long Way
Daniel Dern says he took these photos “on the road to Dublin.” Who knew that road stretches as far as Wales? Why one might need local coinage Black garlic ketchup Slates we can agree on ? Steam train in Wales

A Show Recap
By Martin Morse Wooster: I am watching a show which in the US is called The Heart Guy but in Australia where it originated is called Doctor Doctor. It’s about a heart surgeon who screwed up and has to spend

Pixel Scroll 8/12/19 Far From The Files We Know, Where The Pixels Flow
Editor’s Note: My mother’s pacemaker update went very smoothly. Her tech is good for years to come. Thanks for all the good wishes – which I relayed to her and she was pleased. And voilà, there’s a Scroll today after

Filer Meetups at Dublin 2019: Times and Places
By Hampus Eckerman: The times and places for the filer meetings at Worldcon in Dublin 2019 have now been finalized. First Filers Almost Sleeping at SFF Meetup Day: Thursday, 15:th of August Time: 18:00 Place: Dublin Convention Center, Third Floor

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #43
Dystopia, With a Dose of Sudden Death “Any time a life is lost, it’s a tragedy. But when it’s young people, it’s even worse.” — Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee in the aftermath of a mass shooting at the Gilroy … Continue reading


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