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Gardner Dozois Remembered
Gardner Dozois (1947-2018), one of the sf genre’s leading editors for over forty years, died May 27 “of an overwhelming systemic infection.” As a well-known writer, and also the editor of Asimov’s and a popular series of best of the

Swiftwind Creator Caithlin Dar Interviewed by Carl Slaughter
By Carl Slaughter: Starship Swiftwind is a Star Trek animated fan produced series with an ambitious story arc. It has many of the aliens and empires familiar to Star Trek fans, but a new crew and a new ship. It

Cats Sleep on SFF: The Time Traveler’s Almanac
P.F. Nel says: I couldn’t resist sending you one more. This is my cat, Tiertjie (“little tiger”), sitting on pp. 352 – 353 of The Time Traveler’s Almanac, ed. Ann & Jeff VanderMeer (Head of Zeus, 2013). Photos of other

Pixel Scroll 6/2/18 I Can’t Pixel That – It’s More Than My Scroll’s Worth
BEA ACCESS ISSUE. Black comic book artist Tee Franklin, an invited Book Expo America panel participant who uses a wheelchair, arrived at today’s item and found there was no ramp allowing her to get on the platform with other

June Moffatt (1926-2018)
Longtime LASFS member June Moffatt died May 31. June’s son Bob Konigsberg announced her passing on Facebook. She was 92. June attended her first LASFS meeting 1947. By the time I joined in 1970 she was chair of the Board

Shall the Twain Meet? or, Before Bowers and Gillespie
By John Hertz: (reprinted from Vanamonde 1297) Waiting in the Maguire Garden at the west of the public library down town while a fire alarm was cleared, I saw above the library door in alto-relievo two horsemen passing a torch,

Bisexual Book Awards 2017
The Bi Writers Association (BWA) presented the Bisexual Book Awards 2017 at a ceremony on Friday, June 1 in New York City. Here are the results in the categories that included nominees of genre interest. Sixth Annual Bisexual Book Awards

SFF Wins Best Translated Book Award 2018
One of four sff titles to make the longlist has emerged the winner of 2018 Best Translated Book Award announced May 31. The Invented Part by Rodrigo Fresán, translated from the Spanish by Will Vanderhyden (Argentina, Open Letter Books) Here

The Revolution Will Be Incrementalized: Peter Watts and The Freeze-Frame Revolution
By JJ: Imagine being groomed from birth for a role on an galactic construction ship, on an endless journey to build a cosmic superhighway of wormhole transport gates for humans to use in the far future. Imagine being awakened by the

Pixel Scroll 6/1/18 One Post, At Least, Thy Tick Shall Stalk
COCKYGATE. A transcript of today’s “Cockygate” court hearing [PDF file] courtesy of Courtney Milan. She paid for it. Transcript of the #cockygate hearing: — Courtney!!! Milan ? (@courtneymilan) June 1, 2018 My two favorite parts of the transcript are

Space Babe Coloring Book Released
Jeanne Gomoll’s Space Babe Coloring Book unveils 37 diverse representations of that amazing superhero Space Babe, perfect for coloring by wanna-be Space Babes of all ages. Says Jeanne: I created the original Space Babe—a kick-ass gal with a raygun—decades ago.

Review: Martin Luther on Trial
By Martin Morse Wooster: The Fellowship for Performing Arts is a nonprofit founded by Max McLean which says its goal is to provide “provocative, entertaining theatre from a Christian worldview that is engaging to a diverse audience.” What this means

Top 10 Posts for May 2018
Lots of SFF news from Utah this month. FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention’s Bryan Brandenburg lit off the internet with several ill-chosen statements in social media about the con’s handling of a harassment complaint. Then, Filers had a lot to

2018 Audie Awards
Congratulations to Theodora Goss (Fantasy), Ann Leckie (Science Fiction), Neil Gaiman (Narration by Author) and others whose work won Audie Awards tonight. The Audio Publishers Association (APA) announced the winners of the 23rd annual Audie Awards®, recognizing distinction in audiobooks

Pixel Scroll 5/31/18 The Pixel That Parsed The Hornets Nest
ANOTHER CAT AND SFF STORY TO LOVE. Huge news for Cat Valente: The sentient cat is out of the galactic bag. SPACE OPERA IS GONNA BE A MOVIE! — Catherynne Valente (@catvalente) May 31, 2018 Deadline has the

Pixel Scroll 5/30/18 Pixels, Scrolls…I’m The Guy With The Book
TAKEDOWN. The New York Post tells how “Accountant embezzled $3.4M from famed literary agency”. A Manhattan accountant cooked the books at a prestigious literary agency that represents top writers, including “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk, bilking its clients of

Pixel Scroll 5/29/18 The Future Is Pixelled, It’s Just Not Evenly Scrolled
HUGO VOTER PACKET. Members can access the 2018 edition: “2018 Hugo Awards Voter Packet Now Available”. Worldcon 76 has issued the 2018 Hugo Awards Voter Packet, a collection of finalists for the 2018 Hugo Awards made available to members

More Gardner Dozois Tributes
Gardner Dozois died May 27, and Michael Swanwick’s “The Gardner Dozois You Didn’t Know You Knew” (linked yesterday) has gone viral in the sf community. Many other friends, colleagues and admirers of Dozois are also mourning the famed sff editor

2017 Cóyotl Awards
The 2017 Cóyotl Awards. for the best anthropomorphic fiction of the past year, were announced May 25 at the Furlandia convention in Portland. Below are listed the winners and nominees of the 2017 Cóyotl Awards. The winners are listed first

And He Should Know
By John Hertz: Patrick Nielsen Hayden has long said fanwriting is not a “junior varsity” for pro writing. It’s a different artform. And he should know. Here’s Bernard Shaw. Amateur art is discredited art in so far only as the

Pixel Scroll 5/28/18 Chapter 5 – Our Last, Best Hope For Pixels
MORE ABOUT WISCON’S KILLABLE BODIES PANEL. One of the program participants, Nicasio Reed, put up “a quick mid-WisCon post”. This excerpt is about half of it. So this morning I was on a 10AM panel at WisCon 42, and

2017 Ursa Major Awards
The 2017 Ursa Major Awards were announced at FurDU 2018 at Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia on May 4-6. Best Motion Picture Live-action or animated feature-length movies. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (Directed by James Gunn; May 5) Best

2018 Niels Klim Award Nominees
The nominees have been announced for the Niels Klim Award. The prize, named for a character in Ludvig Holberg’s Nicolai Klimii iter Subterraneum [1741], is given annually for short science fiction publish in Danish for the first time the previous

2018 Deutsche Science Fiction Preis Shortlist
The nominees for the 2018 Deutsche Science Fiction Preis were announced May 27. The juried award for the best short story and best novel written in the German language is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each winner

Pixel Scroll 5/27/18 Pixels Scroll Good, Like An E-fanzine Should
WISCON 42 COC INCIDENT. Wiscon 42 announced on social media that action was taken in response to a Code of Conduct violation on a program item today. Their Twitter thread begins — There was an unacceptable incident at a

2018 Mythopoeic Awards Finalists
The Mythopoeic Society has announced the finalists for the 2018 Mythopoeic Awards. Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Crowley, John, Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr (Saga Press, 2017) Hoffman, Alice, The Rules of Magic

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