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Highlights this week bring us:
The continuing Brianna Wu story (see our main news section for additional coverage); the digitization of the Hevelin Fanzine collection and news of Ellison’s recovery. And much more – so read on!


Hevelin Fanzines To Be Digitized By University of Iowa Libraries
Over 10,000 fanzines in the Rusty Hevelin collection will be scanned and incorporated into the UI Libraries’ DIY History interface, it was announced on October 17. Hevelin’s collection was donated to the University of Iowa Libraries after his death in

More Good News About Harlan Ellison
Dennis Coleman had more good news for readers of The Harlan Ellison Facebook Fan Club on October 18. Harlan told him the prognosis at the hospital for him is “amazing.” His right leg is moving and more physical therapy will

Today in History 10/18
1851: Moby-Dick by Herman Melville was published. It was an important book in American literature and central to a big step in Ray Bradbury’s screenwriting career. Here’s a video of him speaking about being hired by director John Huston to

2014 Deutscher Phantastik Preis
The 2014 Deutscher Phantastik Preis winners were announced October 11 at BuchmesseCon in Dreieich, near Frankfurt, Germany. Best Novel in German Ann-Kathrin Karschnick: “Phoenix – Tochter der Asche” (“Phoenix – Daughter of Ashes”) Best Debut Novel in German Gaby Wohlrab: “Eldorin – Das

1967 Hugo Story Withdrawn
The story from Andrew Porter I published earlier today about the 1967 Hugos was denied by Ted White, chair of Nycon 3 and will receive no further attention here.

How The Lucite Was Won
Andrew Porter has decided to make known some paleolithic Hugo history about his work on Nycon 3, the 1967 Worldcon. He copied me on an e-mail he sent to one of his lists. Ted White was co-chair, and I was Secretary

Frosty on Mercury
Your average science fiction reader probably includes Mercury, planet closest to the Sun, on the list of places where having “a snowman’s chance” is a bad thing. However, that depends where the snowman is standing. If it’s in a crater

Special Guest Tanith Lee Will Launch Two Books at 2015 Eastercon
Dysprosium, the 2015 British Eastercon, has added Tanith Lee as a special guest and announced that her publisher, Telos, will launch two of her books at the convention — a newly-commissioned collection of vampire tales, Blood Twenty, and a reissue

That’s Not A Collectible, That’s a Paycheck
The last few years of Ray Bradbury’s life coincided with the first years of this blog, which is how I learned there was a corner of the publishing industry that thrived on mining his files to find material he’d written

Zion’s Fiction Kickstarter Starts Slow, Keeps Pitching
By Sheldon Teitelbaum, Zion’s Fiction co-editor: So, if I were Chabad’s Rabbi Cunin, one look at the Telethon “Tote” ($1,548 and 25 days to go) and I’d start dancing like Kuni Lemel big time. I feel I can bring Reb

Brandon Engel: Starman
By Brandon Engel: When the name John Carpenter comes up, people tend to think more about his involvement with movies like Halloween (1978), The Thing (1982) or Escape from New York (1981). These thrillers helped to shape the horror and sci-fi aesthetic of

Classics of S-F at Loscon 41
By John Hertz: We’ll take up three Classics of Science Fiction at Loscon 41, one discussion each. Come to as many as you like. You’ll be welcome to join in. Each of our three is famous in a different way

2014 CUFF Winner Resigns
Canadian Unity Fan Fund delegate Travers Milo, who was unable to make it to VCON, has resigned as fund administrator: I greatly appreciate having had the opportunity of associating with this organization, even if only for too brief a time.

GamerGate, Wu in Washington Post
Writers for the Washington Post decided this was the day to catch up on GamerGate with two news items and a background piece. Not that they didn’t take their sweet time getting around to it. The contributor of The only

Architecture Discussion at Clarke Center for Human Imagination 10/22
Digital Materiality at Urban Scale: Increased Resolution Fabrics of Architecture” will be the topic discussed by Alisa Andrasek, founder of Biothing, on October 22. Andrasek is an architect, academic and curator and a partner of Bloom Games. Biothing’s recent design research

Darke Phantastique Signing at Mystery & Imagination on 11/6
Editor Jason V. Brock compares his 700-page collection Dark Phantastique: Encounters with the Uncanny and Other Magical Things with other towering works — Dangerous Visions in sf and Dark Forces in horror. William F. Nolan, a Bram Stoker Lifetime Achivement

Ellison Gaining Ground
John DeChancie spent this afternoon (October 15) visiting Harlan Ellison in company with David Gerrold and Jerry Pournelle. John pleased his Facebook readers with a report that Ellison can now raise his right arm and lift his right leg, which he was unable

Elizabeth Peña (1959-2014)
Elizabeth Peña, Cuban-American film/TV actress and TV director, died October 14 at the age of 55. Genre appearances include *batteries not included (1987), Vibes (1988), Jacob’s Ladder (1990), The Outer Limits (TV, 1995), The Invaders and It Came From Outer Space II (both

Brianna Wu Fights On
Brianna Wu and her husband Frank temporarily fled their home on October 10 after she received threats of sexual assault and death via Twitter. The last tweet published their address, prompting her to call the police, who came to her home. Wu is the

2014 WSFA Small Press Award
Alex Shvartsman’s “Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma” is the winner of the 2014 WSFA Small Press Award. The story was published in Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, edited by Edmund R. Schubert. Shvartsman was presented the award by Tom Doyle,

Be The Commercial
Local station KTLA 5 runs a Twilight Zone Marathon every Thanksgiving Day. This year, viewers willing to attend a casting call at the Morongo Casino in Cabazon on October 16 can make their pitch to be part of the broadcast.

Today In History 10/15
October 15, 1970: Composer Lalo Schifrin begins recording his score for THX 1138. George Lucas won the National Student Film Festival in 1968 with the original version, Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, made while attending film school at the University of

2014 Arthur C. Clarke Awards
The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation will present its annual awards at a ceremony on November 19 at the Artisphere in Arlington, VA. The 2014 award winners are: Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award Hon. Norman Augustine World renowned leader in the

2014 Geffen Awards Announced
The winners of the 2014 Geffen Awards were announced at Icon in Tel Aviv over the October 12-14 weekend. The awards are presented by the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and are named after the late Amos Geffen,

Eyewitnesses to Ellison’s Recovery
Many friends of Harlan Ellison visited him in the hospital on October 13 and say he’s faring well after his recent stroke. Josh Olson told The Harlan Ellison Facebook Fanclub: I just got back from the hospital. Harlan was in fine

JMS Bringing Sense8 To Netflix in 2015
Sense8 is an upcoming sf drama series created, co-written and co-directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix). J. Michael Straczynski, executive producer of Sense8, pulled back the curtain a little more on the project for his Facebook fan group

New Petition Seeks To Keep World Fantasy Award’s Lovecraft Bust
In August Daniel José Older launched a petition to replace Lovecraft’s bust on the World Fantasy Award with one of Octavia Butler. About a week ago, Steven Stevenson of Australia countered with a petition to ”keep the beloved H. P.

Entrepreneur Flipping Bradbury Auction Items
The Ray Bradbury Estate auction ended September 25 and now we’re in the next phase – when dealers who invested in select items will see if they can reap profits reselling them. Two current examples on eBay are an award Bradbury received from Comic-Con

Bradbury-Themed Fundraiser Held for Pomona Library
By John King Tarpinian: Today was the fundraiser for the Pomona, CA Library in the name of Ray Bradbury. The event consisted of a meet and greet for the VIP guests (paying $100 per person) before the event. Joe Mantegna and Liz

Ellison In Hospital Following Stroke
Harlan Ellison suffered a stroke on Thursday, October 9 and is hospitalized. Harlan’s right side is paralyzed, his wife Susan told readers of his forum. Mark Evanier adds he has been told Susan says Harlan’s mind is sharp and the rest of

Letters From The Editor
Prozine editors who plan on being around for awhile don’t just pan for nuggets in the slushpile, they spend a lot of time turning the dross into gold, too. Gardner Dozois’ efforts along that line during his 20 years as

Zion’s Fiction Kickstarter Opens 10/12
Zion’s Fiction co-editor Sheldon Teitelbaum begins his appeal with this attention-getting reminder – Israel is the only country in the world directly inspired by a science fiction novel — Theodor Herzl’s Altneuland, or Old-New Land. “If you will it,” he famously declared,

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R. Graeme Cameron’s Auroran Lights #12
BCSFAzine #495 & 496, edited by Felicity Walker
Opuntia #286, edited by Dale Speirs

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Added Auroran Lights (#12) October 2014 — edited by R. Graeme Cameron, under Awards, Fan Awards, Canadian Fan Awards, CSFFA,  Auroran Lights CSFFA Newsletter..

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