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NEWS HEADER FOR FILE 770For Further Consideration…
The Furry Future: 19 Possible Prognostications; Edited by Fred Patten, Fur Planet Productions, January 2015; trade paperback $19.95 (445 pages). Retails on Amazon for $17.56, but the Kindle edition is $8 even. Review by Taral Wayne: What is a book? … Continue reading →

Today’s Birthday Boy 3/22
Born March 22, 2233: James Tiberius Kirk And that momentous event-to-come will take place in the heartland. Drivers can rely on Roadside America to steer them straight to the spot, but there seems to be a difference of opinion on … Continue reading →

2015 Rhysling Award Candidates
The candidates for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Rhysling Award have been announced. The Rhysling Award is given in two categories. “Best Long Poem” is for poems of 50+ lines, or for prose poems, of 500+ words. “Best Short … Continue reading →

Vintage Paperback Show Tomorrow 3/22
Thanks to John King Tarpinian for these links to interviews, reviews and videos of people who will be signing at the Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show tomorrow, March 22. You could be there, too – bring books! Art Scott – The Art … Continue reading →

2015 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Shortlist
The nominees for the 2015 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis have been announced. Best German-language Short Story Der Klang der Posaunen by Arno Behrend, from Schuldig in 16 Fällen Terradeforming by Arno Behrend, from Schuldig in 16 Fällen Revenge by Diane … Continue reading →

Borderlands Books Has How Many Sponsors?
When San Francisco’s Borderlands Books announced in February it could stay in business if 300 people bought sponsorships for a hundred dollars apiece, the number of sponsors needed to underwrite the store’s survival plan came forward in less than 48 … Continue reading →

Mad Max Even Better When You Can’t Understand A Word
The new Japanese Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is half the length of the English-language trailer released in December, and because I have no idea what those scrolling characters mean it’s practically like watching an anime. See if you don’t prefer it … Continue reading →

The Top 5 Leonard Nimoy Guest Spots
By Brandon Engel: The world is still mourning Leonard Nimoy. While he will be remembered by fans of the original “Star Trek” for his role as Mr. Spock, he was also a man who had established himself as a poet, … Continue reading →

She Who Must Be Remembered
By James H. Burns: She was one of the very first film actresses who mesmerized me. And it wasn’t in Dr. No. But She, from Hammer Films, based of course, on the H. Rider Haggard novel. Somehow, the 1960s film … Continue reading →

An Enterprising Abduction from the Seraglio
Never mind Mozart in the jungle. You can have Mozart on “strange new worlds”! That’s where the Pacific Opera Project takes audiences in its Star Trek-themed version of Abduction from the Seraglio. This true space opera, with an English libretto by … Continue reading →

Crystal Huff Named Executive Director of the Ada Initiative
The Ada Initiative has announced its new executive director is Crystal Huff. The Ada Initiative supports women in open technology and culture through activities such as producing codes of conduct and anti-harassment policies, advocating for gender diversity, teaching ally skills, and hosting … Continue reading →

HWA Bestows Silver Hammer, Specialty Press, and Service Awards
The Horror Writers Association announced a series of honors this week. Rena Mason has been named the recipient of HWA’s 2014 Silver Hammer Award, given to an HWA volunteer who has worked diligently for the organization, often unsung and behind … Continue reading →

Norma K. Hemming Award 2015 Short List
The shortlist has been posted for the 2015 Norma K. Hemming Award, given by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation for thought-provoking approaches to race, gender, sexuality, class and disability in Australian speculative fiction: The Female Factory collection by Lisa L … Continue reading →

Larry McMurtry’s Wells Collection To Auction
On April 8, Larry McMurtry’s collection of H.G. Wells items will be auctioned. According to Rare Book Week — Highlights include a true first edition of The Time Machine and a first edition of The Invisible Man, signed by the … Continue reading →

Hamit Will Talk Shop About Christopher Marlowe in LA 3/19
Francis Hamit will speak about his Christopher Marlowe film project to the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers on March 19. The upcoming film about the poet, playwright and spy who helped to defeat the Spanish … Continue reading →

Chi-Fi Keeps The Fie In Sci-Fi
Chi-Fi arrives in Chicago this weekend in its now-accustomed style – as a publicity trainwreck. Con chair James Dobbs’ acrimonious response to losing two guests in the past 72 hours has attracted far more attention to the developments than they … Continue reading →

Operacon Report
By Martin Morse Wooster: Operacon (Hilton Center City Milwaukee, March 12-15, 2015) I’ve loved classical music for as long as I have loved science fiction. So when I saw a flyer for Operacon at Capclave, I knew I had to … Continue reading →

Ib Melchior (1917-2015)
Filmmaker and writer Ib Melchior passed away March 13 at the age of 97. His short story “The Racer” was twice adapted for the screen – as Death Race 2000 (1975) and Death Race (2008). He wrote and directed The … Continue reading →

Golden Age Artist Irwin Hasen Passes Away
Dondi co-creator and artist Irwin Hasen died March 13 at the age of 96. A comic strip about a war orphan, Dondi was co-written with Gus Edson and ran in more than 100 newspapers from 1955 to 1986. When it was filmed, Hasen … Continue reading →

Is Winter Coming?
George R.R. Martin told readers of his blog he will skip San Diego Comic-Con in July and World Fantasy Con in November to work on Winds of Winter, though with this caveat — (Should I complete and deliver WINDS OF … Continue reading →

And A Moonbeam to Charm You
By James H. Burns: For Saint Patrick’s Day what could be better than remembering the classic Disney fantasy film, 1959’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People, based on the stories of H.T. (Herminie Templeton) Kavanagh….? What a lovely, wonderful surprise … Continue reading →

Sternbach on Trekyards
The lure of Trekyards, the weekly online program, is its detailed look at the ships created for every Star Trek format – TV series, movies, and games. Creators Stuart Foley and Samuel Cockings started producing episodes last October. Now they’d … Continue reading →

The Vartanoff Legend Continues
Irene Vartanoff’s first published novel — Temporary Superheroine — is the latest evidence of her lifetime love of comics. As a teenager she had over 100 fan letters printed in comics, causing such a sensation at DC that Vartanoff was … Continue reading →

Dancing and Dodging
Which of the Four Laws of Robotics apply when a robot is forced to play dodgeball? This video shows a team testing the balance of ATRIAS, a two-legged robot, by throwing dodgeballs at it.

Jessica Lange Leaves American Horror Story
The one thing that really scares American Horror Story fans has happened – Jessica Lange won’t be back for Season 5. Yes, King Kong’s girlfriend is hanging up her mitts. Buzzfeed heard her say it — “I’m done,” Lange said, … Continue reading →

Sucharitkul’s Snow Dragon Premiere Attracts Fans To Operacon
Congratulations to Leah and Dick Smith who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at Operacon, an event synchronized with the world premiere of Somtow Sucharitkul’s “The Snow Dragon” last weekend in Milwaukee. Quite a number of fans attended and Martin Morse Wooster … Continue reading →

2015 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award Goes To Karen Birkendahl Rylander
Karen Birkendahl Rylander, writing as K. B. Rylander, of San Antonio has won the 2015 Jim Baen Memorial Award competition with her short story “We Fly.” The annual Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest recognizes authors of stories about “space … Continue reading →

Box Office Earnings Leaders Among SF Movies
Box Office Mojo keeps track of the 200 top earning movies of all time on a chart that you can reorder to show the same movies by their earnings adjusted for ticket price inflation. Avatar is the top grossing movie … Continue reading →

Preorder Ellison’s Can & Can’tankerous
Later this year Subterranean Press will issue Harlan Ellison’s collection Can & Can’tankerous, ten previously uncollected tales from the fifth and sixth decades of Ellison’s career. The volume is available now for preorder. Table of Contents How Interesting: A Tiny … Continue reading →

Beware The Ideas of March
Hopefully you’re prepared for the Ides of March with cold pizza from yesterday’s Pi celebration. I recommend this soundtrack as appropriate for the day — “No Tears For Caesar” from the closing scenes of the 1998 film Free Enterprise, with William Shatner performing … Continue reading →

2014 Ursa Major Awards Voting Opens
Voting for the 2014 Ursa Major Awards has commenced. Everyone is invited to vote on the Best Anthropomorphic Literature and Art of the past calendar year at the Ursa Major Awards website. Just click on “Voting for 2014.” The final ballot is composed … Continue reading →

Bradbury East and West
More than one place lays claim to being Ray Bradbury’s home town, somewhat like the poet Homer. Over 100 proposals for a statue of Ray Bradbury have been submitted to a Waukegan Public Library-led committee gathering ideas for a memorial … Continue reading →

Judges Picked for PK Dick
The 2016 Philip K. Dick Award judges will be Eric James Fullilove, James C. Glass, David M. Higgins, Lisa Mason, and Jack Skillingstead. The award is given for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States. Presented … Continue reading →

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Added Lisa & Joseph Major’s Alexiad #79
Added Guy H. Lillian’s Spartacus #7
Added Opuntia #302 edited by Dale Speirs
Added Challenger #39, edited by Guy H. Lillian III
Added BCSFAzine #500, edited by Felicity Walker

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