AMAZING NEWS: April 7, 2019

Hugo Awards, Video Fanac (Heinlein, Campbell), tributes to Vonda McIntyre, StarHopper engine test and more


“The President is a fiction writer run amok” – Richard Patterson

Guess What?  Those books you thought you bought?  You didn’t.  You only rented access to them.

New Mexico officially replaces Columbus Day with Indigineous Peoples Day

Scientology Gets Away with Abuse


Songs of GIants – the Poetry of Lovecraft, Howard and Burroughs

A nice send-up of female superhero costumes

Joker Trailer

Avocadopocalypse.  Only Mad Max can save us!

An edited page from “Six Six Six“, Robert Heinlein’s alternative version of The Number of the Beast and more

Fan History Project – a radio interview of John W Campbell Jr by Fred Lerner

Fan History Project – Robert Heinlein’s GoH Speech at MIdAmeriCon.  Introduction by Bob Tucker.  From 1976.

Fans are Having Fun at Heliosphere


Vonda McIntyre Tributes:  NY Times  The Guardian

Biggest News of the Century:  Fans win don’t screw with my franchise lawsuit!

A nice round-up of the history of female editors in the industry (Cele Goldsmith edited Amazing)

Resurrecting SFSignal’s wonderful Hugo Awards Infographic (Note that while accurate at the time, there have been changes to categories and voting rules since)

Censors helped create the Twilight Zone

Future SF Magazine is now reviewing novels

Bob Eggleton is having a great time with the run-up to his Lifetime Achievement Award from Artists of the Future  (let Bob have his moment, we’ll talk scientology elsewhere)

AO3 – ALL OF IT – nominated for Hugo Award


Thwaites Glacier has giant hole beneath it; collapsing, the glacier could raise sea levels by two feet

That’s one big Otter!  Four-legged whale fossil uncovered

SpaceX StarHopper Completes Successful Engine Test

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