Ansible, Bob Eggleton, UN publishes China human rights abuses document, WSFS condemns next year’s Worldcon’s choice of GoH, Europa and Io movie and more

Supposedly, you can see this black hole with a backyard telescope.  (Some of my friends have backyard telescopes so big they had to haver an observatory built around it)

Stephenson says rockets are over-hyped

Europa and Io movie

Artist Bob Eggleton shares some commentary on cosplay

“Black Hot Ice” (no, not a Rapper name) may be most common form of water

Kat Tanaka Okopnik draws our attention to fantasy costuming

Epic ST:TOS Reunion!

An update on the UFO anthology project

UN Criticizes China, releases report on human rights abuses

Sometimes, it’s not safe to go back to the woods:  Winnie the Pooh: Blood & Honey trailer

Judge tosses book censorship attempt

P.n. Elrod wants you to know about THIS!

Ansible’s latest edition

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