Special Trek News section; Captain Marvel, five guys stand under a nuclear blast, missing matter discovered, and Batman goes all Anthony Weiner….(more, lots more)

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Blind People Read Books Too

Space Force Price Tag 

Madison’s Fears Come Home To Roost

Performing Oral Sex is “Adopting Homosexual Sex Practices”.  Bet You Already Knew That Was Said By A Right-Wing Evangelical Politician

Remember Making Those Working Volcanos in School?  59+ Injured….

Dark Money, Unlike Dark Matter, Must Be Disclosed

Kavanaugh Fall Out:  Kids Aren’t Fooled by Deflections

TellTale Games Drastically Down-Sizes Public Appeal to Help Employees Having Some Positive Effect  Jemisin Tweets


Five Guys Volunteered to Stand Under a Nuclear Blast


Chim-Chiminey-Chim-Chim-Cherie, A Sweep is as – Mary Poppins Returns, with Dick van Dyke

Captain Marvel “Drops” First Trailer

Alternate GotG Mantis

Spidermen, Spidermen, Lots and Lots of Spidermen, Stand Around, Win a Record, So Ridiculous It’s Ignored.To Them Record this is a Big Deal, Makes the rest of us say Big Deal, They’re not the Spiderman!

Where’s the Fantastic Four Been?  What, they’re missing?

Speaking of the Fantastic Four….

Titanic No Longer Highest Grossing Film of All Time (Now you know why they tried to float a “popular film” category)

May Be No More Defenders Seasons

How Many More Jokers Can There Be?

Will Shuri Save the Avengers?

Killmonger Series Announced

Live Action Avatar Announced (Airbender variety, not Na’Vi variety)

Loki & Scarlet Witch Series Greenlit

Survive in Space

New Avengers Photo – Hunt for Clues

TWD  Theory Resurrected

Joquin Phoenix’s Joker Revealed

Doctor Doom’s Return

Yes, There IS Such a Thing as a SciFi Musical


New Picard Trek Show Most Likely takes place on his vinyard as other TNG cast members have not been invited

Which ST Race Would You Like to be a Member Of?

The Real Reason They Killed Off Kirk

ST Wins Creative Arts Emmy

First Look At Star Trek Upcoming Comics

After Trek, Shatner Lived Out of a Truck

There May Be A ‘Real’ Planet Vulcan

New Harry Mudd and His ST Squee Moment


Batman’s Dick Pic


EU  Once Again Pushing Lousy Copyright Proposal

More Fan History Fotos to Identify

What It’s Like to Read a REAL Fanzine

DeadlyDancer Art

Coke Keeping and Eye on Pot-Infused Beverages

Author Writes to His Daughter About Mecha Samurai Empire

New Releases This Week

Promo for SF Encyclopedia

More Harlan Rememberances


I Really Like It When Something “Otherworldy” Turns Out To Have A Rational Explanation

Missing Matter FOUND

Science Fair

Self-Circumcision Devices.  Don’t

Ring Galaxy

Where’s Lawrence Welk When You Need Him?  Tiny Satellites Head for Mars

TESS Sends Home Wonderful First Light Photo

Space Can Alter DNA, and other Creepy Facts About Space

Lunar Dust, The Stuff Lunar Dream Homes Are Made Of

Don’t Judge A Scientist By What They Discover

Dry Ice on Mars

Strange Infrared Signal From Space

New (and Giant) Neutrino Detector

Net Captures Space Junk

There Are Three Reasons The Earth’s Axis Drifts

Scientists To Shoot Ghost Particles Through the Earth

Universe’s Strongest Substance?  Nuclear Pasta

Hayabusa2 To Drop Landers :Later: Hayabusa2’s Landers Land

Upcoming Space Missions

Oldest Known Animal Fossils Identified

Curiosity Has a Glitch and Punters Call NASA on Conspiracy.  (Dude, don’t you know?  NASA is ALWAYS Hiding Something)


US Army Wants a Giant Cannon

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AMAZING NEWS: 7/23/2017

Empowering robots (like we didn’t learn enough from “Maria”); many predict the end of life as we know it as the Doctor goes double-X; Axanar backers may get one of their perks; lots of people play “dress-up” and more.

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