Makepeace nominated for a Chesley; worldcon bidding, Fandome trailers, pics from worldcons past and more

SPECIAL NOTE:  Congratulations to Amanda Makepeace who has been nominated for a Chesley Award (Art) for Best Interior for an illustration appearing in our Special Double issue, Fall 2019.

Other Special Note:  Despite being a day after, there are still many Ray Bradbury Centennial Celebrations around on the web.  Once again, we celebrate his time with us and the many things be gave to us, but we’d be happier if he was still with us.

Prince of Cats News: Earlier this week we published a press release from Rabid Fanboy Marketing announcing the creation of its publishing arm Prince of Cats Literary Productions.  Today – Melinda Snodgrass will be releasing three series through the publisher, the urban fantasy White Fang Law, the space opera adventure-romance Imperials, and her urban action adventure vs. elder gods series The Carolingian. And Rick Heinz, one of the leading content creators for Geek & Sundry will be working in association with Prince of Cats Literary Productions to bring his Seventh Age Urban Fantasy Epic to readers.

Robert Sawyer in the news – we’re all living in a science fiction world

Inquiring fans want to know – what happened to Jean Bourget?

Here are some great photos from AussieCon 1

The Powered by Robots blog waxes eloquent on the Hugo Award and commentary on the same, not that we agree with them

Discon III, DC Worldcon, announced crowd funding to assist BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and/or groups historically underrepresented within the Worldcon community.

Colbert produces End Game and Election mashup

Jo Fletcher books announces a new series with a younger and more adventurous feel from David Hair, author of Mage’s Blood – Map’s Edge: The Tethered Citadel series: Book 1.

China and internet spying and censorship

If you want to waste some time on woo-woo, this explanation of QAnon fits the bill

Sawyer says we’re living in a science fiction world.  Proof in the pudding – your phone is tracking you

Yes, re-read David Brin’s The Postman, and then check out this entry on his blog

Check out the involvement of the Chinese Gov in the Chengdu bid and some online discussion on the subject

Speaking of WorldCon 2023 – Visit the Memphis bid.

Michael Walsh shares some of Mike Resnick’s Worldcon images

BLM & Jewish anti-antisemitism groups put it together

Ai Weiwei on China’s Lockdown

Paul Levinson reviews Lovecraft Country.  (A new episode airs tonight)

Do you die when you use the Trek Transporter?

The Batman trailer

WW84 Trailer

DC’s Women of Color address real injustice

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