Hugo Awards, Russian Nukes, gravity suits, mimeographs, should AI’s own intellectual property?, and more

SPECIAL NOTE:  We will be watching the Hugo Awards presenation and will be updating our 2019 HUGO AWARDS post live.  Visit for the live stream, which is scheduled to begin at 3 pm EDT.

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  News Features today are a bit truncated as they are being prepared a bit early this week, owing to travel restrictions.


Youtube’s crackdown on conspiracy theorists sends traffic to Fox News

Jews Against ICE members arrested for protesting immigration detentions

Illinois Schools Mandated to Teach LGBTQ History

WAPO Publishes list of all mass shooting victims since 1966


Ian’s Realm Saga is having a screening, and a sale!

Fortress Shanghai film tanks – director and scriptwriter apologize

Stranger Theories Department:  Is Disney screwing with Star Wars to ace Lucas out?

Ursuala Le Guin in TV Guide

The Ditmar Awards and SF Commentary

The Stan Lee Story

The New Gulliver, Russian Claymation


Indian Fandom Debuts Anime website  “KnowSenpai attempts to create an experience for Indian Otakus by developing the anime and cosplay culture present in India.”

Open Call for Submissions, Aurealis Magazine

When an AI writes a book – who owns the copyright?

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019

What is, and what isn’t, Space Opera

Brian Eno’s Reads

David Bowie’s Reads

Art of Mimeograph – a Lecture


Russian Nuke Accident Kills at Least 7

Pompeii “Sorcerer’s Trove” Unveiled

Gravity Suit (for exiting flying cars in an emergency


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